Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thinking of buying a new fridge?

If you are thinking of buying a new fridge - and I know that is always on my mind - you may want to wait a few weeks.

In February, a trade-in program will be open to the general population (there is one going on right now for recipients of social welfare assistance programs) for old refrigerators. The program will be open to 50,000 people to get a 30% discount on new, energy efficient refrigerators when they trade in their old one (at least 10 yrs old, as far as I can tell). The discounted price will include the cost of the fridge, 3-year warranty, delivery, and removal of the old one, which will be dismantled, and parts will be disposed of, parts will be reused.

There will also be a similar program for 10,000 air conditioner units. The trade-in discount will be 40%.

Here is the Jerusalem Post article that explains this program.

So--- anyone have an old fridge to give me so I can trade it in for a new one? I can't trade in my landlady's fridge, but I would love to just stick it in her storage space. It's old, small, and noisy. And while it's in the house, I don't have room for another one!


  1. Do you have a freecycle where you live? If you are in or near Jerusalem, try the JerusalemReUseIt yahoo group. I've seen many fridges advertised for offer.

  2. no, we are not near Jerusalem, and I haven't seen a freecycle group in these parts... we're in emeq yizrael, by the way. thanks for the suggestion, though!

  3. I am sure you can find a fridge if you look on - there are loads being given away, and now would be a good time to get your hands on one before people realize.

    I hate our main fridge - it is just over 5 years old and all the plastic is falling apart and is too expensive to replace. But we have an old fridge outside that we found in the street as a spare - so maybe this will be chance to trade in the outside one, and then move our inside one outside as a spare.

  4. There is a Haifa Freecycle group - there is actually a Yokneam one (I am moderator) but gets very little traffic.. and very few members... so little that I actually post on Agora instead.

  5. I just checked Agora, thanks for reminding me about it! There definitely are a lot available. The question is how to get it here without spending a lot of money. The point is to SAVE money... must think this through...


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