Monday, January 23, 2012

Bulgur instead of Couscous?

Today, we were out of milk, and it was sort of sunny and everyone was feeling a little out of sorts, so I dragged everyone on the 10 minute walk to Mega - just to get milk and stop in at the little toy store across from it and pick up some craft-y something to do with the kids who will be coming over tomorrow. It's my daughter's birthday this week, so we're going all out!

Anyhow, we were at Mega. And I noticed that they had bulgur (see above - it's called burghul here, I believe that is a derivation of the Arabic name for this food) on sale for 2 NIS for 500 g. And that is WAY cheaper than buying whole wheat couscous. And the only time I have ever prepared bulgur, I thought it was just about almost the same as couscous, so maybe I could get away with making bulgur and calling it couscous and saving a bunch of money?!

Anyhow, I have no idea what to do with my bulgur. Please share your favorite recipes!


  1. How are you going to eat a website? LOL XD

  2. You know, Blugur. XD
    Or you could say it's Vulgur. :P

    1. well, TypeINT, I have no idea what you're talking about. But readers, please visit TypeINT's page and see what keeps him busy ALL. DAY. LONG...

  3. We sometimes put bulgur in our chamin, and my husband sometimes makes bulgar balls filled with meat, cooked in tomato sauce. It is a Kurdish dish called Kubbeh.

  4. You're right, you can pretty much do the same thing with bulgur that you can do with couscous.

    We chop up salad vegetables and just mix it together, sometimes with some cubes of bulgarian cheese. Dried cranberries are also nice with bulgur...again, with the cheese or other vegetables. you can also pour soup over it


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