Sunday, January 8, 2012

Printable Coupon!

Found a whole bunch!
These coupons are for Tivol brand frozen vegetarian products.
Good at many stores in the country - the full list is on the coupon (but yes, it is good at Rami Levy, Shufersal Deal, Kimat Chinam, and Victory, among many others!).
Expires 29.2.2012


  1. Thanks! I only buy this stuff once in a while, but it feels good just knowing I can use coupons here. No Sunday circulars, you know...

  2. I feel the same pain... I was a big-time coupon clipper before moving back! I'm so glad you found this one useful (we also only buy these once in a while). I actually just stocked up on veggie dogs (kinda gross, I know - but my 13 yr old vegetarian son inhales them and his protein needs are increasing daily along with his height!) when there was a sale at K. Hinam on the bulk bags (2.4 kg each bag)... and then I found the coupon... sigh.


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