Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Discount Eye Exams and Glasses - AGAIN!

Residents of Far Northern Israel - it's back! Here's another chance to get a really affordable eye exam and glasses if you missed it last week.

Tomorrow - Thursday, March 30, 2017 - you have another chance to get subsidized eye exams and glasses, once again in Chatzor Haglilit. You'll be able to get a pair of glasses - frames + lenses for just 100 shekels! There is an option to have this fee waived in case of need. Please send a text to 050-326-7501 to request a waiver.

The event will take place at Mercaz Ohel Moshe (this is a Matnas) on Rehov HaHistadrut in Chatzor. This event is sponsored by "Pitchon Lev" and "Ezra Ba'Re'iyah".

Eye exams are available from 10am - 8pm. If you have glasses already (even old ones - they will help narrow down what you need even if you need an updated prescription) or a prescription for new glasses, please bring them with you to save time.

Hope this helps some of you out there! There's been a lot of discussion about the cost of glasses lately.


I'm sure there will be similar programs in other towns - please let me know if you know of any!

This week's deals!

Kosherfrugal.com and Janglo have teamed up to bring you Groupon deals (and sometimes others) that you may have missed! Check them out below:

(Some links in this post are affiliate links; I may get paid a commission when you make a purchase using these links. Thanks in advance for your support!)

It's that time of year when everyone is cleaning, inside and out -- even our cars! Here's a roundup of deals for spring cleaning and Pesach preparations:

Car Wash Deals:

Karmiel (35nis)
Abu Gosh - Maaleh Hachamisha (starting at 29nis)
Jerusalem - Malcha (35nis)
Autocar - 6 locations (35nis)
Raanana (starting at 16nis)

Deals for Things you may need and things you may want -

Set up your kitchen for Pesach with deals on everything you need for a functioning kitchen! Prices vary.

Clean more efficiently with some great cleaning tools! Prices vary.

Save 85nis when you purchase from Delta's online site. (voucher valid on purchases of 300nis and up)

Deals for Workshops and Things to do during Pesach (or before, or after, in some cases) -

Step By Step Escape Room in Ramat Gan - 249nis for 4 people

Get 10% off at the Maimonides Puzzle Room in Tiberias. Use code "Kosherfrugal" when you make your reservation!

Street Art Workshop in Florentin, Tel Aviv. 69nis per person. Valid only certain dates (including chol hamoed Pesach)

Half off horseback riding for the whole family, in Kfar Adumim

Discount admission to the Monkey Park in the Ben Shemen Forest

Fun Day Out on Har Carmel! (additional fee may apply on holidays)

Fun at Yaar Ofer (near Haifa), 40% off!

Discount admission to the Reptile Center in Katzrin. Save over 40% with this deal

Discount admission to Agam Nitzanim. Just 12.5 nis per person (many activities in the park available at additional cost)

Urban Climbing in Rehovot - day pass for 29nis and other options

Strawberry Picking at Tzomet Kadima - for 15nis per person!

Find Restaurant and Food Deals HERE

I hope you find these deals useful! Let me know what kinds of deals you want more of - leave a comment below!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Restaurant Deals!

This post is a joint project between Kosherfrugal.com and Janglo - we've teamed up to bring you our favorite deals for restaurants. Perfect for that mini vacation you've got coming up, birthday splurge, or any occasion.

Check out these deals, and SAVE big when you eat out!

(Links in this post are affiliate links; I may get paid a commission when you make a purchase using these links. Thanks in advance for your support!)

random restaurant

Jerusalem Area:

Sushi Dinner for 88nis at Kosher Frangelico in Jerusalem (2 appetizers plus 40 pieces of sushi)

MySushi in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem, starting at 30nis

Shakshuk in Machane Yehuda for 29nis per person

Takeout for Shabbat from Jerusalem Delights for half price

Mehadrin Shabbat Takeout food from Cazablan in Givat Zeev, for half price

Treat yourself to a Steakhouse Dinner for 2 for 149nis at Avazi Jerusalem

Other areas:

Shnitzel deals in Be'er Sheva starting at 25nis. Perfect for a meal-on-the-go!

Mehadrin Pizza at Del Mondo in Petach Tikvah - 2 pies for 59nis, also valid on delivery!

Treat yourselves to a buffet breakfast at Regina Hotel on the Ashkelon Beach, for 45nis per person

Gourmet Pizza for 19nis per person at Pizza Don Fredo in Kiryat Ono

Half off ice cream at Aldo in the Queen of Sheba Mall in Eilat

Discount Shwarma at Gil Gourmet in Rishon, starting at 12.50nis!

Shabbat takeout in Tirat HaCarmel for half price!

Send a beautiful fruit basket for up to 34% off! (kosher certificate here)


Vegetable Kugel - pareve, GF, kosher for Pesach

Here's a Pesach friendly, gluten free vegetable kugel that the whole family loves!
It's a bit of work chopping veggies, but it's worth it!

Vegetable Kugel

a lot of vegetables, peeled and chopped
(use whatever vegetables you like - be as creative as you want! I've used kohlrabi, summer squashes, garlic, red and green peppers, cauliflower, and more)
1 (or more) onion, peeled and chopped
several garlic cloves, chopped coarsely
1-2 tablespoon (approx) olive oil
6 large eggs
1/4 cup potato starch
1.5 cups water
salt, pepper to taste

Place chopped vegetables (including the onion and garlic) in a bowl and toss with olive oil. Spread the veggies out in a single layer on a baking sheet (or 2). Place in hot oven (210 C) and roast till browned. Remove from oven.

Transfer roasted vegetables to a deep casserole dish.

Mix together potato starch and water, add eggs and seasonings, and whisk it all together. Pour egg mixture over vegetables.
Bake in a 200C oven for about 1 hr.

Serve warm or cold.


I'm making this for the vegetarians at our seder as a main dish.

Free Attractions for Pesach (Part 2) - Yom Shvil Yisrael

April 13 this year is "The Israel Trail Day" - Yom Shvil Yisrael

The Society for the Preservation of Nature announced that several portions of the trail will be open to the public, and will have free activities on-site, including professionally-led tours.

FYI: Some parts of the Trail are always free and open to the public, others are paid-admission parks and nature reserves.

These sites will host special events on April 13.

WARNING: They Will Be Very Crowded!!

Here's the basic information. I've linked to Google Maps locations for each place:


Nachal Dan
April 12, 9am - 3pm 
(easy hike, 2 hrs long)
Meet at the Ussishkin House Museum in Kibbutz Dan

Ramat HaNadiv
April 12, 11am-4pm 
April 13, 9am - 4pm
(intermediate hike, but 6km long)
Meet at the "6 Flags" in Ramat HaNadiv.

Nachal Hadera
April 13, 9:30am - 5pm
(easy hikes, 2km)
Meet at the entrance to the "Spring Festival"

Central and Jerusalem areas:

Park HaYarkon
April 13, 9am - 3pm
(easy hike, 30min - 1hr long, accessible park)
Meet at the "Sheva Tachanot" in Park HaYarkon

April 13, 8am-12pm
(easy hike BUT 3 hrs long)
Meet at the Tank Memorial in Latrun


Ramon Crater
April 13, 9am - 3pm
(intermediate hike, 3km long)
Meet at the Information Center in Mitzpe Ramon at the Entrance to the Ramon Grove (Hurshat Ramon)

Mt. Tzfachot (Eilat Mountains)
April 13, 7am - 1pm
(intermediate hike, 3 hrs long)
Meet at the Field School

Have fun!

Don't forget to check out the other Free Attractions!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Food Recall - Lettuce

Y.S Leafy Greens and the Ministry of Health announced a recall of the following product:

Iceberg Lettuce, "Shtufim K'Halacha brand", 300g packages and 1 kg packages
Barcodes: 7290014072794 and 7290014072701, and a use by date of 30.3.2017

These products may be contaminated with listeria, and can cause serious illness if consumed.

Please return any of these lettuce packages to the store where purchased, or call the company at 09-970-0208 to arrange for your return.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Recall - Chocolates

Ornat Industries announced a recall of the following products, due to tests showing possible contamination with dairy:

Chunky - Dark chocolate (68% cacao solids) with almonds and cranberries (pareve)

Chunky - Dark chocolate (68% cacao solids) with walnuts and raisins (pareve)

Skinny Dark Chocolate Cherry - Dark Chocolate sheets with cherries and roasted cacao nibs

Rollers Kisses - Dark Chocolate Kisses with dried fruit and nuts

ALL of these products with ALL expiration dates up to and including 20.6.17 are being recalled.

The products are NOT labeled as containing any dairy nor do they say "may contain dairy", but tests show they contain dairy. Anyone with a dairy allergy or sensitivity is warned NOT to eat these products.

If you have questions or want to return a product you purchased, please call customer service at 09-891-3399

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Recall - Frozen Vegetables

Sunfrost announced a recall of the following products this week, due to insect infestation:

Frozen Green Broad Beans ("Ful" in Hebrew), 800g bags

Barcode 7290000104713

with use-by dates between 12.5.2019 and 8.9.2019

The product is imported, and was found to be bug infested following several consumer complaints.

The product is safe to eat but should be checked carefully for bugs.

Sunfrost is offering credit towards a future purchase to any customers who wish to return the problematic product.

Please call customer service at 1-800-282-844 to request a credit.

Free Attractions for Pesach (part 1) - "Mapa U'Matzah"

For Pesach 2017 / 5777 there are a few different initiatives to bring free culture and entertainment to the public. This is really great news, as we know that many of us feel stressed by the regular expenses of the holiday, without even beginning to think about entertainment!

These free sites are sponsored by the Ministry of Cultute and Sport, and the Council for the Conservation of Heritage Sites.

On Chol Hamoed, April 12 and 13, 2017, twelve historic sites will be open to the public, for free, and will offer various activities and presentations. Most of the sites will be open from 10am - 4pm.

I have done my best to translate the information that appears online in Hebrew, and find websites in English for the museums whenever possible. I put significant energy and time into doing this, and I ask that when sharing the information I have written here, please do so by linking back to this page. Thank you in advance.

The FREE sites are:

Yad Mordechai Museum
The Train Yard (Engine 70414) in Be'er Sheva
Givat HaTachmoshet
The Museum of Italian Jewish Art
Ben Gurion House in Tel Aviv
The Gush Katif Visitors' Center in Nitzan
The Rishon L'Tzion Museum
The Kfar Etzion Visitors' Center
The Glass Factory Museum in Kibbutz Nachsholim
The Etzel Museum at Shuni

Sorry I could not find a website for these:

The Founders Museum in Maalot 04-957425
Zinati House in Pekiin 050-7713357

I'll be posting more information about free and discount entertainment on Pesach in the coming days, so be sure to follow me on facebook or sign up to get email updates (link on the right hand side of this page) from this website.  

Check out more free things to do this Pesach!