Monday, March 27, 2017

Restaurant Deals!

This post is a joint project between and Janglo - we've teamed up to bring you our favorite deals for restaurants. Perfect for that mini vacation you've got coming up, birthday splurge, or any occasion.

Check out these deals, and SAVE big when you eat out!

(Links in this post are affiliate links; I may get paid a commission when you make a purchase using these links. Thanks in advance for your support!)

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Jerusalem Area:

Sushi Dinner for 88nis at Kosher Frangelico in Jerusalem (2 appetizers plus 40 pieces of sushi)

MySushi in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem, starting at 30nis

Shakshuk in Machane Yehuda for 29nis per person

Takeout for Shabbat from Jerusalem Delights for half price

Mehadrin Shabbat Takeout food from Cazablan in Givat Zeev, for half price

Treat yourself to a Steakhouse Dinner for 2 for 149nis at Avazi Jerusalem

Other areas:

Shnitzel deals in Be'er Sheva starting at 25nis. Perfect for a meal-on-the-go!

Mehadrin Pizza at Del Mondo in Petach Tikvah - 2 pies for 59nis, also valid on delivery!

Treat yourselves to a buffet breakfast at Regina Hotel on the Ashkelon Beach, for 45nis per person

Gourmet Pizza for 19nis per person at Pizza Don Fredo in Kiryat Ono

Half off ice cream at Aldo in the Queen of Sheba Mall in Eilat

Discount Shwarma at Gil Gourmet in Rishon, starting at 12.50nis!

Shabbat takeout in Tirat HaCarmel for half price!

Send a beautiful fruit basket for up to 34% off! (kosher certificate here)


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