Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Food Recall - Smoked Salmon (Again)

Smoked Salmon seems to be a really problematic product here in Israel.
Over the years, I've reported numerous recalls from various companies that produce smoked salmon.

Today's recall is for the following product:

"2 Fishermen" brand ("Shnei HaDayagim") Cold-Smoked Sliced Salmon Fillets, vacuum packed smoked salmon.

The packages are marked with product code p-1702-0103, and have an expiration date of 10.03.17

The fish product mentioned above may contain listeria.

Consumers are asked NOT to eat this product, and to return it to the place where purchased.

Questions about this recall can be directed to the "2 Fishermen" company at 052-694-4561

Please help spread the word!

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