Friday, March 24, 2017

Recall - Chocolates

Ornat Industries announced a recall of the following products, due to tests showing possible contamination with dairy:

Chunky - Dark chocolate (68% cacao solids) with almonds and cranberries (pareve)

Chunky - Dark chocolate (68% cacao solids) with walnuts and raisins (pareve)

Skinny Dark Chocolate Cherry - Dark Chocolate sheets with cherries and roasted cacao nibs

Rollers Kisses - Dark Chocolate Kisses with dried fruit and nuts

ALL of these products with ALL expiration dates up to and including 20.6.17 are being recalled.

The products are NOT labeled as containing any dairy nor do they say "may contain dairy", but tests show they contain dairy. Anyone with a dairy allergy or sensitivity is warned NOT to eat these products.

If you have questions or want to return a product you purchased, please call customer service at 09-891-3399

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