Sunday, July 22, 2018

Another Recall (Soft Drinks)!

Some people out there may be interested in this latest recall:

Here are the details you need to know:

Product: Spring Strawberry Banana Soft Drink
Size: 1.5 L
Production Dates: 5.3.18 and 6.3.18
Use By Dates: 5.12.18 and 6.12.18 (Kosher for Passover)

The company has received complaints about an unusual taste and odor. 

Jafora-Tabori is recalling these products in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

Consumers who have purchased this product are instructed not to drink it. It is no longer on store shelves, so you won't find this batch in the store. If you have any questions, please call Jafora-Tabori customer service at 1-800-701-701.

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Nine Days Meatless Meal Ideas

I'm running late this week - I forgot to post my 9 days menu!
Hopefully, it's better late than never (??)...

My family doesn't love it when I forget to cook for days at a time, so there's something of a mutiny going on in my house. 

(NO MORE SANDWICHES! - the picket signs are being made as I write this. oops)

In my defense, I have a lot of projects going on right now, and my family IS capable of prepping their own meals. Just because they don't want to do it doesn't mean I always have to do it, does it? I hear their complaints that it's hot and they don't want to cook, but guess what? I can say the same thing!

And I will:

It's hot and I don't want to cook. There, I said it.

In any case, we still need to eat, so aside from the aforementioned sandwiches, here are some of my go-to foods for the 9 days (and actually, any weekday):

Pasta night

Sloppy Sams and sweet corn

Black Bean Burgers with all the fixin's

Black Bean Chili (recipe coming soon - I forgot to post it) - one of our favorite meals right now! (served with whatever makes people happy)

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and a salad

Tuna Patties with baked potatoes

Stir Fried Veggies with tofu (and rice)

Chick Pea Fritters and a salad

Breakfast for Supper

Pareve Quiche and fresh rolls and salad

Black Bean Salad and Corn Bread 

What are your favorite meatless meals? I'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Food Recall (Israel) - Mayonnaise!

Today's recall is one you definitely want to see. Please check your fridge or pantry!

Here are the details you need to know:

Product: Mayonnaise
Brands: Meitav, Shufersal, and Rami Levy 
Barcodes: 7290002781059, 7290015835800, 7296073205081
Production Dates: 15-16/05/18

Expiration Dates: 15-16/01/19

These products have an unusual odor that is not typical of them. Meitav is recalling these products in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

Consumers who have purchased these products are instructed return it to the store where purchased. If you have any questions, please call Meitav customer service at 08-997-0070.

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Surviving Summer (Stinky Shoes Edition)

this post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission. Thanks so much for your support!

Let's just put it all out there - this post is about a problem that often doesn't get discussed:

Stinky Shoes.

I know it's not a very widely discussed topic. In fact, it seems most people really don't like to admit publicly that someone in their household may have this problem! But many of us have a family member (or several) who leave us all wondering what on earth are we supposed to do with those stinky shoes?!?

Lets' face it, this problem can happen anywhere in the world, but here in Israel, where it's SOO hot, it can be rather intense, you know? It may be one of those unspoken truths about making Aliyah... And today, we are going to end the silence about it and face it head on.

Personally, I have been SEARCHING for a long time for the solution to the stinky shoes problem.

We toss shoes in the washing machine fairly regularly, which is very helpful.
We buy odor eaters, also helpful.
Shower daily, very important...

But we still didn't conquer the problem, and we needed another something to complete the solution. You know, something that would allow us to keep shoes in the house even if we couldn't wash them!

Without this something, the smell can get a little ... overpowering. And I don't love sticking shoes outside overnight, for a bunch of reasons.



(incredibly inconvenient)

(shoes still stink in the morning)

I decided there must be a simple solution that did not involve messy powders or sticking antibiotic-laced insoles into every pair of shoes. So I began the hunt. It involved checking out many stores - physical ones and online ones. Months of searching on and off...

Finally I found a product that really delivered. These awesome activated charcoal bags that you can put inside the stinky shoes as soon as they are off the stinky feet! And they tame them. For real.

Click the link above to go to the product listing on Aliexpress
This product has saved my house, seriously!!

(Those stinky feet still need a shower, but you expected that, didn't you?)

And now you know the secret to taming stinky shoes. 

Oh, and I am so happy to tell you that my order arrived in under 2 weeks!

Hope this helps someone else out there!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Endless Summer Fun with Discounts!

(This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission when you make a purchase. Thanks for your support!) 

**Please note: As of June 5, 2018, Groupon has become GROO!** has teamed up with Janglo to bring you all the best savings in the country! I love being able to bring you the best of GROO's deals - this post is all about Entertainment and Attractions - SAVE big with these discount deals!

Terms and conditions can change at any time, so if you want a deal, buy it right away! Vouchers vary from slight discounts to 50% off or more:

Off-beat Getaways:

Or Tal Vacation package (includes a premium room, kayaking, and more)

Chof Dor Vacation Village family vacation package

Camping at HaGoshrim for more than 25% off

"Hot Wheels" Converted Bus Getaway on the beach for an amazing price!

Round trip flights Sdeh Dov -- Eilat for 199 nis!

Rustic Cabins in Metullah, for an amazing price! 


Lychee Picking (Kfar HaRo'eh)

(Related) Fishing Expedition

Halbrecht Farm

Museums (discount tix):

Biblical Museum of Natural History

Igudan Visitor's Center

Neanderthal Museum

The John Deer Museum of Emek Yizrael

Otzar HaStam (The Scribes' Collection) Visitors' Center in Tzfat

Technoda, Hadera

Water Fun:

Chof Gai Water Park (Teverya)

Yamit 2000 Water Park

Luna Gal

Sporter Pool in Givatayim

Sporter Pool in Givat Shmuel

Swimming Passes at Yaar Yerushalayim for 40% off 

Discount Swim Pass for Bora Bora Pool in Bat Yam 

Discount Swim Pass for Bora Bora Pool in Pardes Chana

Discount Swim Pass for Bora Bora Pool in Beit Dagan

Kfar HaKasum Pool in Rishon

Galei Yafa Pool in Talmei Yafa

Sea of Spa Day Pass, Ein Gedi 

Park Timna

Kinneret Water Sports

Surfing Lesson at Chili Surf School, Tel Aviv (for kids and teens)

Surf or SUP Lesson at Chili Surf School, Tel Aviv (for ages 18+. Group lesson or private lesson for 2)

Top Rope Park and/or Kayaking in Kfar Blum

Dag-al-HaDan Kayaking

Kayaking at HaGoshrin (Nachal Hazbani)

Kayaking in Park HaYarden

Sailing in Eilat

Water Sports Combo tickets (Eilat)

Leonardo Club, Eilat Water Park

Swim, Spa, and Eat (choose breakfast or lunch) at the Crown Plaza Jerusalem

Extreme Fun (Ice skating, Ropes Courses, Rapelling, Paragliding, and More):

Ice Skating (Ashkelon)

Pilot for a day (Rishon)

Pilot for a day (for two) (Herzliya)

Race Car driving experience (Nes Harim)

Paragliding (Sharon Region)

Paragliding (Shfayim)

Top Rope Park and/or Kayaking in Kfar Blum

Extreme Park at Montfort Lake (Maalot)

Ice Skating (Maalot)

Ice Skating in Eilat 

Urban Climbing in Rechovot (does not include rental fee for climbing shoes) - one voucher per person. If you've bought this deal in the past, you cannot use it again. Discount monthly pass option is available!

Urban Climbing in Kiryat Malachi

Private Hot Air Balloon Rides (Kibbutz HaShitah)

Private Hot Air Balloon Rides (Har Tavor) 

Jet Ski (Kinneret)

Zoos & Petting Zoos:

Haifa Zoo

Devorat HaTavor Bee Farm

Agam Chai Yiron

Reptile Center, Katzrin

Eretz HaZvi Park, Hod Hasharon (limited hours)

Chai-Kef, Rishon

Get a 50% off voucher for your pet supplies at Anipet (good at the Tel Aviv-Chashmonaim St location only)!

Indoor Play:

Foot-Pool, Haifa

2Jump in Ashdod

SkyJump in Ra'anana

Shachmatipus -- Climbing Wall in Kiryat Malachi

Urban Climbing in Rechovot (does not include rental fee for climbing shoes)

The Green Bear Club Jaffa Port

Hachalal Hamuflah, Netanya

Partyland in Atlitup to 61% off

Bowling (8 different locations)

Laser Tag, Glilot

Laser Tag, Petach Tikvah

Laser Tag, Netanya

Laser Tag, Raanana

Target Tag, Ramat Gan

Space Laser, Jerusalem

Nature/Outdoor Activities:

Biking Trip (various locations)

Private Hot Air Balloon Rides (Kibbutz HaShitah)

Private Hot Air Balloon Rides (Har Tavor)

Neot Kedumim Park (admission only)

Neot Kedumim Park (admission + guided tour)

Donkey-drawn Carriages (Eilat)


Beit Oren "Fun Day" (Horseback Riding, "Tomcar" ride) 

Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens

Agam Nitzanim (Ashdod)

Park Timna 

Yacht Outing from Tel Aviv

Segway Tours in Jaffa/Zichron/Ashdod

Segway Tours in Rishon LeTzion-Bat Yam

Segway at Montfort Lake


The Metz Opera Ballet, several dates and locations. Choose your tickets carefully (some shows are on Shabbat, so check before you book!)

HaBimah Theater Ticket Subscrition (4 shows)

"The Comic Lab" at HaBimah Theater in Tel Aviv on various dates.

Stand Up Factory in Tel Aviv (choose carefully, and click on "more options" to see all of the available options. Some deals are for Friday night and some are for after Shabbat)

HaBimah Theater tix (choose which show)

Virtual Reality:

Funtasy Goal + 7D movie in Eilat

VR Escape Room, Tel Aviv

VR Games at Space Laser, Jerusalem

VR Games, Kiryat Motzkin

VR Game in Petach Tikvah

Group Fun (Karaoke, Escape Rooms, and More:

Target Tag (Ramat Gan)

Airsoft Game in Eilat

Beat Box Karaoke Room (Kfar Saba) 

Speak On (Karaoke in Rishon)

Maimonides Puzzle Room (book with code Kosherfrugal for 10% off)

"Out of the Box" Escape Room (Tel Aviv)

Harry Houdini Escape Room (Tel Aviv)

Guardians of the Galaxy Escape Room (Nesher/Haifa area)

"Innocent" Escape Room (Nesher/Haifa Area)

Spa Day:

Spa Day at Gai Beach Hotel in Tiberias

Spa Day at Herods Tel Aviv - includes massage

Spa Day at the Spa Club, Dead Sea

Spa Day at the Crowne Plaza Jerusalem

Spa Day at the Crowne Plaza Dead Sea

Swim, Spa, and Eat (choose breakfast or lunch) at the Crowne Plaza Jerusalem

Spa Day at the Ramada Netanya

Spa Day at the Carlton Nahariya

If you're planning a vacation, check out these tips before you get started!

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Amazing Restaurant Deals - North/South!

(This post contains affiliate links, and I may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking a link. Thanks in advance for your support!)  
Pre-purchase your vouchers and save up to 50%! This is a GREAT way to save when you want to splurge! Don't miss out on the savings - check below for savings in your area! and Janglo have teamed up to bring you some great GROO (formerly Groupon) deals and Eluna deals (and other deals) you don't want to miss! Also, Janglo Beteavone has a great selection of restaurant coupons, so you can check for additional deals.

This post focuses exclusively on kosher restaurants and take-out food, so if you're going to splurge, you can now afford to splurge a little more, with discount vouchers and savings. I keep checking for new deals, as I know you've been waiting for some, and this week there are some changes, so check carefully! Be sure to check the Facebook group so you don't miss out!

If you're looking for savings on attractions and entertainment, click here!

If you're looking for restaurant deals in Jerusalem and/or the Merkaz, click here!

Haifa and North:

Leonardo Plaza (Haifa) - Breakfast Buffet for over 45% off the rack rate! 
Redeem Sun - Thurs, 7 - 10 am. Reservations recommended. Valid thru Aug. 31, 2018.

Shytel Meat Kingdom (Nahariya) - 129 NIS per person for all-you-can-eat dinner! Redeem Sun - Thurs, noon - 10pm. Reservations required (Last reservations at 8:30 pm, must order by 9:40pm). Valid for 60 days from date of purchase. Min. 2 people per table with a voucher and max. 6 people per table with a voucher. No additional guests without a Groo voucher can join your table.

Shytel in Nahariya (Badatz/Machpud meats) - Dinner for 2 starting at 135nis. Max. 3 vouchers per table (3 couples). Good for 60 days from date of purchase. Reservations required.

El Rancho, Tiberias - Lunch for 2 (regular or premium meal - 149 or 169 shekels). Valid every day before 6pm. Reservations required. Voucher valid for 90 days from date of purchase.

Iskander (Mehadrin) at Nahar Hayarden (upper Galilee) - dinner for 2 for 219nis. Valid for 60 days from date of purchase. Max. 3 Groupons for table (3 couples). Reservations required. Redeem Sun - Wed, noon - 8pm, Thurs. noon - 9:30pm, or Friday noon - half an hour before Shabbat.

Pizza Agvaniya, Haifa - pay 10 shekels for a voucher that allows you to get a second pizza free when you order one pizza! Voucher valid thru July 20, 2018. Includes up to 2 toppings (except tuna or balgarit cheese). You cannot use "Ten Bis" to pay for your pizza. Redeem Sun - Thurs, 9:30am - 10pm, Fridays 9:30am - 3pm, and Sat. nights from one hour after Shabbat until 10pm. Max 3 vouchers per person, redeem them only one at a time. Delivery charges are extra.

Chof Gai Hotel (Tiberias) Breakfast and Spa Day - 219 nis for 1, 429 nis for 2. Redeem Sun - Thurs, if you want to redeem on weekends, there is an additional fee payable at the hotel. Breakfast is served from 7:30am - 10:00am. The deal includes breakfast, a massage, and use of the pool and spa facilities (water park not included). Reservations required. Valid thrו July 31, 2018

Japan! Japan in Kiryat Ata - choose a buy one get one free voucher for Sushi or for Stir Fry. Up to 3 Groupons can be used at one table. Can be used for takeout, but not valid for delivery orders. Good thru July 31, 2018.

Takeout food for Shabbat from Pataio Catering in Tirat HaCarmel - get a 100nis voucher for just 50nis! Groupon valid for 60 days from date of purchase.

Breakfast Buffet at the Bay View Hotel in Haifa - Sun-Thurs: 55nis for 1 or 99nis for 2, Fridays: 59nis for 1 or 115nis for 2. Voucher valid thru August 31, 2018. Max 6 per table with Groupons. Reservations required.

Pizza Puzzle in Akko - get an XL pizza for 30nis. For 49nis, you'll also get a salad and garlic bread with your pizza. Voucher good for 2 months from date of purchase. Not valid for Delivery.

Breakfast Buffet at the Crown Plaza in Haifa - 59nis for 1/109nis for 2 (69/129 on Fridays). You must buy the deal that is valid on the day you want to go (Sun-Thurs OR Friday). Reservations required. Breakfast is served 6:30-10:30am. Voucher valid thru August 31, 2018.

Sinta Bar (Kiryat Ata) at Kenyon Shaar Hatzafon, Burger meal for 2, for 76nis. Includes 2 burgers, one order of fries, and 2 drinks. Voucher valid for 60 days from date of purchase. Valid Sun- Thurs, 5pm - 10pm, and Sat. nights, 7:30pm - 10:30pm. Cannot be redeemed on Fridays. Reservations required, or call in advance for takeout.

Shela Restaurant (Kiryat Motzkin), for 79nis per couple. Limit 2 vouchers per table. Voucher valid for 90 days from date of purchase, with advance reservations. Valid Sun-Wed, 10:30am - midnight, Thursdays, 10:30am - 5pm, Fridays, 8am - 2pm. Max 2 couples with Groupon vouchers per table.

Two Felafels with French Fries at Olam HaOchel, (or two omelet pitot with french fries) for just 19nis! Valid for 60 days from date of purchase. Can be redeemed Sun-Thurs till 9am - 5pm, Fridays 8am - 3pm

Olam Ha'Ochel in Haifa (meat restaurant, with tons of salads for the table) for just 39nis per person (77nis for 2!). Groupon valid for 60 days from date of purchase, and only from 9am - 5pm (Sun-Thurs) or 8am - 3pm Fridays.


Fifth Avenue, Eilat - Dinner for two for over 30% off the regular price! Voucher valid for 60 days from date of purchase. Fifth Avenue is also offering a "Mondial Special" for 69 shekels (burger meal), good thru the end of July.  Redeem the voucher of your choice on Sun - Thurs, 7 pm - 1 am, and Sat nights from 1 hr after Shabbat ends until 1 am. Be sure to show your voucher to the host/hostess before you are seated. Reservations required. Max 3 couples at a table with vouchers.

Albi, Beer Sheva - Buy 1 get 1 free burger specials! Or choose the Chummus special. Voucher valid thru Juy 15, 2018. Redeem Sun - Thurs, 4 - 11 pm, Friday noon - 3 pm, and Sat. nights from half an hour after Shabbat until 11:30 pm. Be sure to show your voucher before ordering. Max 4 people with vouchers per table. Not valid for takeout/delivery.

Safra, Be'er Sheva - meat meal for 2 starting at 99 nis. Voucher valid thru Oct. 30, 2018. Redeem Sun - Thurs, noon - midnight, and Sat nights until midnight. Reservations required after 7 pm. Max 6 per table if using vouchers.

Ofra Gourmet, Ashdod, - takeout food - buy a 100 shekel voucher for just 50 shekels. Redeem with a purchase of 250 nis or more. Voucher valid thru Oct.30, 2018. Redeem from 7 am - 2 pm Fridays only. Call in your order ahead of time! Limit one per person. 

Beit HaFul, Ashdod - Chumus meal, 29 shekels, Chumus with beef, 35 shekels. Voucher valid thru August 30, 2018. Valid Sun- Thurs, 10 am - 9pm, and Fridays, 10am - 2 pm. Limit 4 people with Groupons per table. Limit 1 voucher per person.

Endive, Ashdod - dinner for 2 for 279 shekels. Valid Sun- Thurs, 6:30 pm - 10 pm. Reservations required, Limit 8 people with a Groupon per table. Voucher valid thru Dec 30, 2018.

Nordau 24, Ashdod - dinner for 2 for 139 shekels (premium package for 189 shekels). Valid Sun- Thurs, 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm. Voucher valid for 90 days from date of purchase.

Safra, Be'er Sheva - dinner for 2 for 99 shekels (regular), or 139 shekels (upgraded), or 189 shekels (premium). Valid Sun- Thurs, noon - midnight, and Sat. nights until midnight. Limit 6 people with a Groupon per table. Voucher valid thru October 30, 2018.

Breakfast/Brunch at Endive in the West Boutique Hotel, Ashdod - 75 shekels for 1, 149 shekels for 2, upgrade to include pool admission for the day for 219 shekels for 2. Valid Sun- Fridays, breakfast served 6-10:30am, or brunch served Tues-Thurs, 11 am - 1:30 pm. Voucher valid thru July 31, 2018.

Breakfast Buffet at the Central Park Hotel, Eilat (I checked, the hotel is kosher, even though Groupon doesn't specify) - 59 shekels for 1, or 109 shekels for 2. Valid Sun- Fridays, 7:30 -10:30am. Children under 2 eat free with an adult. Reservations required. Limit one voucher per person or couple. Voucher valid thru Oct. 31, 2018.

Jandoya Catering (Dairy) Platters - for 10 people (399 nis), 15 people (499 nis), or 20 people (799 nis). Orders for 10 people are pick up only, orders for 15 or 20 can be delivered for an additional fee, fee depends on area. Voucher valid for 90 days from date of purchase. You must place your order at least 48 hrs in advance. Blackout dates apply.

Criolo, Be'er Sheva - 99 nis for 2. Voucher valid thru July 30, 2018. Valid Sun- Thurs, noon - 11pm, and Sat. nights, until 1am. Cannot be redeemed on Fridays. Reservations required, Limit one couple with a Groupon per table. Not valid for takeout or delivery.

TakeOut from Boda Blanca in Ashdod (Mehadrin) for half price! Pay 40nis for an 80nis voucher! Fridays only. Groupon valid thru July 31, 2018. Limit 1 voucher per person

Ribs in Ashdod - deals starting at 99nis for a 2 person meal! (upgrade that includes wine, dessert, and coffee is available) Voucher valid thru July 31, 2018. Limit 6 people per table if using a Groupon voucher. Can be redeemed Sun-Thurs, noon - 7pm. Reservations required.

Lunch at "Space" in Moshav Amonim - 139nis for 1 person, 279nis for 2, or 549nis for 4. Voucher valid thru August 30, 2018. Check for blackout dates, and reservations required. Generally valid Sun-Thurs noon - 5:30pm or Fridays noon - 2pm. Anyone in your party without a Groupon voucher will be required to order 100nis minimum from the menu, and children under 10 will be required to order a 40nis children's meal. According to the info posted, you can use their gardens (and pool, maybe) before and after your meal.

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