Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Roasted Vegetable "Quiche" (pareve, gluten free)

I have been trying to be more creative with my sug bet/cheap vegetable hauls, and one thing I've started making with them is pseudo-quiche. And it's a hit!

Today's dish started with kishuim (summer squash) and kohlrabi from the sug bet rack (2 shekels/kg) and onions - about 3 shekels/kg.

I'd actually already cooked the kishuim on Sunday - those were just sitting in my fridge waiting to be used up.

Here's what I did:

2 kohlrabi, peeled and chopped
1 onion, peeled and chopped
(other vegetables as desired)
1 tablespoon (approx) olive oil
1.5 cup already cooked kishuim
6 large eggs
1/4 cup potato starch
1.5 cups water
salt, pepper to taste

Lightly fry the onion and kohlrabi (and/or other veggies as desired) in the olive oil.
Transfer to a casserole dish.
Add the cooked kishuim (optional), and stir it all together.
Mix together potato starch and water, add eggs and seasonings, and whisk it all together. Pour egg mixture over vegetables.
Bake in a 200C oven for about 1 hr.

Serve warm or cold.


Menu Planning - Better Late than Never!

Menu for the week:

Sunday night - Break the fast - we had a pasta dinner

Monday night - Embellished Shabbat Leftovers

Tuesday night - Baked Potatoes, Vegetable "Quiche" (recipe soon - it's wheat free and pareve), tomatoes and cucumbers

Wednesday - Rice, Stir Fried Veggies, Spicy Lentils.

Thursday - Omelettes, Hash Browns, Gevinah Levana, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes

Lunches have been and will continue to be totally random - leftovers, sandwiches, cottage cheese, etc.

Do you do menu planning? Do you think it helps with your budget?

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins (Vegan/Pareve)

What do you do when you find mushy bananas on the sug bet rack selling for 2 shekels/kg, when sug aleph bananas are currently selling for about 14/kg?

BUY A BUNCH of course!

And then, make muffins. (I peeled and froze some for future use, but used a lot of them today on these muffins)

Today's banana muffins featured spelt flour and chocolate chips... yum!

Here's what I did:

6 small overripe bananas, mashed well 1/2 c. sugar 1/3 c. oil 1 tsp vanilla extract 4 T. ground flaxseed 2 c. water + 1 tsp apple cider vinegar 
Mix all together, combining well
Add: 4 c. whole grain flour (I used spelt, but if you eat wheat, whole wheat flour is perfect) 1/2 tsp salt 1.5 tsp baking powder Mix well 

Last, gently fold in 1/2 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cup shelled raw sunflower seeds

This made 12 oversize muffins, or make 24 smaller muffins.
Bake at 350 F/175  C for 25-30 min for muffins

Enjoy! Let me know if you try them!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Exclusive Discount - Maple Syrup In Israel


I am so excited to bring you this exclusive 10% Discount for Anderson’s Maple Syrup - Maple Syrup in Israel!

Maple Syrup seems like a really decadent purchase here in Israel, so if you've been waiting for a less expensive option - here it is!

This Maple Syrup is 100% Pure, from Wisconsin, and you can choose from several varieties when you purchase:

  • Grade A Organic
  • Grade A Non-Organic
  • Grade B Organic

  • Grade B Non-Organic (large jugs only)
The syrup comes in three economical sizes:
  •  473 mL / 16 oz glass bottles (Twice the size you find in the stores- 50-55 NIS per bottle with your discount)
  • 947 mL / 32 oz glass bottles (Just under a liter- 90-100 NIS per bottle)
  • 3.79 L / 1 gallon plastic jugs (The perfect size for small businesses or the seriously thrifty)

Certified Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free, Paleo Compatible, No added sugar or chemicals- just pure maple syrup!

Delivery by post office (10 NIS per bottle) or, where possible, by FREE tremp!

When you buy it, and after you have tried it, you will agree that it is the best tasting and most affordable maple syrup in Israel!

Click here to get your discount code and buy your bottle of Maple Syrup today! 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Money saving tips for the new (and not-so-new) Oleh/Olah

I am trying to help a few friends find ways to reduce their monthly expenses, and I discovered a few things that may seem obvious to native Israelis, but for the immigrant (oleh) community, they may not be obvious:

1. If you get hurt and think you need to go to urgent care or the ER, ALWAYS call your kupat cholim first and get a referral. This will keep your copays and fees to a minimum. You will likely still have something to pay, but at least you won't be stuck with huge fees.

2. You can save money on non-prescription medications by buying them thru your kupat cholim pharmacy, and getting a script from your doctor will sometimes save you even more!

3. Negotiate your credit card fees. Often, credit card companies will waive your monthly fee if you ask.

4. Negotiate your bank fees. Instead of paying a fee per transaction, see if you can get your fees waived, or at least pay a small flat rate monthly fee that covers all of your transactions

5. Use the new Rav-Kav Chofshi Yomi if you will be taking multiple buses throughout the day in one area. You'll pay the equivalent of 2 bus rides or so, and you'll be able to hop on and off as many buses as you want, all day and night long. (If you take buses all the time, buy a chofshi chodshi!)

6. Renew your passport using the online form, during the winter months. Misrad Hapnim discounts passport fees for people who do this during "off months".

7. If you're out and about and need a quick snack, buying a single fruit (banana/apple/orange) from a makolet is almost always the least expensive option, and will give you a healthy burst of energy to help you get thru your errands so you can eat when you get home. Yes, it comes out cheaper than buying a 5 shekel coffix pastry, but not necessarily cheaper than a junky shekel-and-a-half store snack. It will be about that, or maybe a little more, depending on seasonal prices, but much much healthier than the shekel-and-a-half store snack!

8. Always carry a water bottle instead of planning to buy a cold drink while you're out. Best if you freeze your water bottle half full the night before, and fill it as you head out. This, and an insulated holder, will help you stay much cooler.

Here's another post I wrote about reducing your expenses - be sure to read it too!

I'd LOVE to hear your tips that should be added to this list!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Shabbat Menu

So, this week we did practically no grocery shopping. We figured we're well stocked at the moment. All I bought was 11.50 worth of veggies from the sug bet rack earlier in the week, and tomorrow I will buy milk, lettuce, and maybe some tomatoes.

So using what we have in the house, here's what I'll cook for Shabbat:

Challot (Spelt and Oat)
Black Bean Cholent
Roast Chicken
Big Salad (lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, kohlrabi, seeds, rice croutons...)
Potato Kugel
Roasted Cauliflower
Eggplant with peppers and onions
Egg Salad

We've got cake in the freezer, and plenty of popcorn and apples for snacking.

Hope this doesn't feel overwhelming in the morning!

Huggies Free Diaper Promo

Huggies has a free diaper promo going on right now!


It works like this: enter the special codes from 5 packs of participating Huggies products, and get a pack of Huggies Freedom Dry FOR FREE!

And right now, if you sign up to participate, you'll also get a sample pack of Little Swimmers for FREE!

So go ahead, and sign up today!

iHerb Promo Code - Limited Time Only!

Right now you can get 10% off any order at iHerb!

Use code JULY31 in your shopping cart before checking out.

In addition to immediate savings, you will also get a 10% Loyalty Credit based on your total order value, that they can use towards your next iHerb order! (I really like this Loyalty Credit thing, it's great!)

In addition to the Brands of the week that are 20% off, all hand and body lotions are 15% off, so this is a good time to stock up on brands that rarely go on sale!

And of course, as always, first time customers who use any of the links on this page to start shopping at iHerb will get a $5 credit in their cart!
But Hurry! This coupon code is only good until Friday, July 31st, at 10 a.m., Pacific Time. 

I know, some of you want to know more about my iHerb obsession and some of the things I buy from them. Check out this post that will tell you more about that!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Great Vacation Deals for you!

A little advance planning can save you a whole lot of money! Check out these Groupon deals for discounts on your favorite vacation activities! 

Here's an all-inclusive camping deal at "The Green Beach" (environmentally friendly beach) at the Kinneret! They provide you with a tent, mattress, table, chairs, and electricity, so you don't have to buy equipment and shlep everything! BONUS: This is a "quiet beach" - no loud music allowed, and no "mangalim" allowed.


In the center of the country, and looking for a fun family activity? Check out JumpPark in Rishon!


Trampoline Fun! Pay just 30 shekels admission, instead of 50!

Vacationing up North? Cool off at Canada Centre in Metulla! Ice Skating and more - save 50%!

Have Fun (and save money!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Book Sale! (Free Worldwide Shipping!)

http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-6122499-10720071-1468949847000It's the annual Better World Books "Dog Days of Summer" Sale!

Right now, save 15% when you buy 5 or more Bargain Bin Used Books!

We always love to take advantage of these sales to get some of the hundreds of books on my family's wish list!

We also really love FREE Worldwide Shipping - it makes it a whole lot easier for an English speaking book lover to live in a non English speaking country!

So don't wait - catch the sale before it ends.

Sale ends Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 11:00:00 AM EDT.

If you're not sure if a book is on sale, check for a sale tag on the product page, like this guy right here: .


Chick Pea/Chummus Fritters (Vegan/Pareve, Gluten Free)

I made a ton of homemade chummus on Friday, and it was more than we could possibly use up quickly enough (homemade chummus spoils much faster than store-bought).

So today I decided to see if it could be repurposed into Chick Pea Fritters.

And it worked - they are quite flavorful!

I made a rather large batch - here's what I did:

Chick Pea Fritter Recipe

3 cups chummus (already made)
2/3 cup brown rice flour
spices - salt, black pepper, granulated garlic (and whatever else you want), to taste

Mix well.
Heat some oil in a frying pan. Drop the chick pea mixture by the large spoonful onto the frying pan, leaving a bit of space between each fritter, and pan fry on both sides. Continue until you've used all the mixture!

Serve hot. Or cold. With whatever dipping sauce you like (we use techina, or ketchup. I'm sure it can work with other sauces too)!

These make a great snack or can even be part of a meal.
Now I just need to remember to make these anytime we have leftover homemade chummus - before it spoils!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Menu for the week

Trying to get back on the menu planning bandwagon! I fell off it for a few weeks, and we ended up scrambling many times. Lots of meals I just made the others wheat-based foods and I ended up picking at veggies, and that did not work so well for me quite as often as it happened - turns out I need more to eat than carrots and cucumbers!

So here's my plan for the week - even though it's Monday already, it's worth it to plan right now.


Sunday - we were out all day and ended up with some cheap pizzas (I had salad)

Monday - Shabbat Leftovers

Tuesday - Scrambled eggs, Chick Pea Fritters, stir fried veggies with rice

Wednesday - Pasta with tomato sauce and cheese, salad

Thursday - any leftovers from the week, or grilled cheese and cucumber slices

Lunches will be lots of veggies, cottage cheese, egg salad, tuna, peanut butter and jelly, etc. It is way too hot to cook in the middle of the day!

Exclusive Discount for Gap Year Students!!

Preparing for a Gap Year in Israel?
Is your child leaving for a year to study abroad in Israel?  I'm sure you know about the recent changes in luggage allowances for travelers (gone are the days of bringing 2 huge, oversized duffel bags that were well over the weight limit and not paying anything extra because you were coming for the year, like I did in the 90s!). In addition to luggage limits, there are other things to keep in mind as well - electrical requirements are different here than some other countries, and cultural and language barriers can make acclimating and buying things difficult for a gap year student.

I'm teaming up with a great company, Tamarim Concierge, to bring you this special discount on "Student Dorm Packs" that will be sure to make things easier for you and your gap year student!


For the past three years, they’ve been delivering just what students need, right to their dorm rooms, before the school year begins.  Far more than just blankets, pillows and linens, they also deliver small appliances, ironing boards, egg crate mattress toppers, yoga mats, fans, Shabbat lamps, storage units, power cords, adapters  – even small refrigerators!

Student Dorm Supplies 2
Take a look at the online store for a one-stop shop that will cover all bases for your students when settling in to their new home away from home. 

And be sure to take advantage of this exclusive discount - get 10% off your Dorm Pack order when you use promo code "KosherFrugal"!

I, too, am going to be sending my soon-to-be 18 year old off - he'll be drafted into the army in the coming months. This time of life is the beginning of a new era for our children. I hope yours has a wonderful, productive, growing experience during his/her gap year here in Israel.


Henkel-Sod Corporation announced a recall for the following product:

Baby Sensitive Fabric Softener

Due to production error,  some batches of this product contain lavender scent, which is unsafe for babies and people with sensitive skin.

The recalled batches are those with the following production codes and dates:

GC09560905, 09/05/2016

GC10561005, 10/05/2016

GC11561105, 11/05/2016

Production codes can be located at the bottom of the back label of the product. 

If you have purchased this product with one of these codes, please call customer service at 03-577-2002 (open 24 hrs/day).

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Food Recall!

The Ministry of Health and the Diplomat company announced the following recall:

Pomegranate Sauce, 235 ml, with Barcode 8931530010793 and expiration date 01.01.2018 due to the possible presence of mold in the product.

The product says "ariflogu" on the label

Consumers are advised NOT to use this product.

Please call customer service at 1-800-250-221 to arrange for your refund/replacement.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Printable Coupons!

Love coupons?
Take advantage of these while you can!

Expires Sept 30

Expires Sept 30

Expires Sept 30

Expires Aug 15

Expires Sept 1

Share this post with your friends - friends help friends save money!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

12 Ways to Reduce Your Expenses!

People are always looking for easy ways to save money, so I'm sharing some of my favorite tips for reducing your expenses:

1. Always shop with a list and stick to it

2. Only buy items you really need. If you see something and think you need it, don't buy it right away. Go home and really think it over. If it really is something that will improve your life or save you money, go back and buy it (after doing some comparison shopping. Sometimes those gadgets are much less expensive online, from stores like aliexpress (see my online shopping guide for more ways to shop online).

3. Cook your own food. Stop buying food - whether it's restaurant food, takeout food, or frozen prepared food, it's almost always more cost effective to cook a simple meal. (need a recipe? I've got lots of recipes for you!)

4. Buy secondhand whenever possible. Turn this into a source of pride, not shame. Secondhand purchases do a lot to save energy and resources. Convince yourself (and your kids) that this will do a world of good. (**Even better - scavenge or dumpster dive if you are up for it! We have scavenged many perfectly good and useful items over the years!)

5. Learn to cut your own hair. And your kids' hair. This will really save you a lot, especially if you have a whole crew of kids!

6. Walk or ride a bike to get around whenever possible. Gas is EXPENSIVE in this country. Walking is free. Sure, that means a little more time and possibly carrying some heavy items home when doing errands, but it saves a ton that whenever I do things locally, I walk. So many people drive their cars to the post office or the matnas or the bank. I don't. The biggest exception would be when one of us is sick and walking to the doctor is difficult. Once in a while, if the weather is terrible, a car is justified too. Otherwise, if it's local - walk or bike!

7. Use the library instead of buying books. Or go to book swaps!

8. Don't pay for TV access. It's just not worth it when you can almost always stream your favorite shows online!

9. Take short showers.

10. Drink water. If your water has an unpleasant taste, get a simple filtration system, like a Brita pitcher. No need for a pricy, water wasting reverse osmosis system.

11. Find free alternatives to expensive "needs". My computer was dying. I abandoned Windows and gave my computer a new lease on life by installing Linux.

12. Make homemade cleaning solutions instead of buying pricey bottles of cleaner. Not only will this save you money, it wil save you from exposure to questionable chemicals. (I use baking soda, vinegar, and simple soaps or natural deterents to do most of my cleaning. I add essential oils for fragrance purposes)

There are lots of other everyday ways to save money, so please share your favorite tips in the comments!