Sunday, July 3, 2016

12 Ways to Reduce Your Expenses!

People are always looking for easy ways to save money, so I'm sharing some of my favorite tips for reducing your expenses:

1. Always shop with a list and stick to it

2. Only buy items you really need. If you see something and think you need it, don't buy it right away. Go home and really think it over. If it really is something that will improve your life or save you money, go back and buy it (after doing some comparison shopping. Sometimes those gadgets are much less expensive online, from stores like aliexpress (see my online shopping guide for more ways to shop online).

3. Cook your own food. Stop buying food - whether it's restaurant food, takeout food, or frozen prepared food, it's almost always more cost effective to cook a simple meal. (need a recipe? I've got lots of recipes for you!)

4. Buy secondhand whenever possible. Turn this into a source of pride, not shame. Secondhand purchases do a lot to save energy and resources. Convince yourself (and your kids) that this will do a world of good. (**Even better - scavenge or dumpster dive if you are up for it! We have scavenged many perfectly good and useful items over the years!)

5. Learn to cut your own hair. And your kids' hair. This will really save you a lot, especially if you have a whole crew of kids!

6. Walk or ride a bike to get around whenever possible. Gas is EXPENSIVE in this country. Walking is free. Sure, that means a little more time and possibly carrying some heavy items home when doing errands, but it saves a ton that whenever I do things locally, I walk. So many people drive their cars to the post office or the matnas or the bank. I don't. The biggest exception would be when one of us is sick and walking to the doctor is difficult. Once in a while, if the weather is terrible, a car is justified too. Otherwise, if it's local - walk or bike!

7. Use the library instead of buying books. Or go to book swaps!

8. Don't pay for TV access. It's just not worth it when you can almost always stream your favorite shows online!

9. Take short showers.

10. Drink water. If your water has an unpleasant taste, get a simple filtration system, like a Brita pitcher. No need for a pricy, water wasting reverse osmosis system.

11. Find free alternatives to expensive "needs". My computer was dying. I abandoned Windows and gave my computer a new lease on life by installing Linux.

12. Make homemade cleaning solutions instead of buying pricey bottles of cleaner. Not only will this save you money, it wil save you from exposure to questionable chemicals. (I use baking soda, vinegar, and simple soaps or natural deterents to do most of my cleaning. I add essential oils for fragrance purposes)

There are lots of other everyday ways to save money, so please share your favorite tips in the comments!


  1. 13) Eat plain lebens and cereals.
    14) Buy at cheap supermarkets, avoid groceries.

    1. 15) Bake our own bread (I'm using a bread machine which paid for itself many times over already)
      16) Make your own buttermilk/ leben
      17) Stock up on sale items (freeze food if necessary)


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