Thursday, July 6, 2023

I went shopping for a bag and here's what I got

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I decided I needed a grown-up bag that I could use when I want to dress a bit nicer than usual and feel a little more formal than my usual super casual "SAHM" look.

I've been dressing down a lot, especially the last few years. But I have decided that every so often, I really do need to dress a bit nicer. And it's easy to start with buying a pretty bag... Much easier than buying new clothes that fit and make me feel good. So I started with that... 

And then, naturally, after finding some nice looking but pretty pricey bags that weren't actually quality, I turned to Aliexpress. There, I sorted through handbags and settled on one in the $30 range, with free 15-day shipping. And now it's here, and I just unpacked it! 

I ordered it in purple, of course. The exact bag I purchased isn't available right now but this one is very similar:

Sadly, the purple isn't the shade I thought I was getting, but it'll do. It's not as deep a purple as I thought.

The bag itself is very nice - I just need to air it out a bit - it has a strong smell that, oddly enough, one of my kids LIKES, but I'm sure will fade in the next couple of days.

Here's how it came packaged:

It was a LOT of packaging, but it did the job and the bag arrived in brand-new condition. This seller has lots and lots of good reviews.

So now that my bag is all unwrapped and ready to go, it will probably just sit and wait a bit. Because I have no place to go right now! But trust me, when I do, I'll take the bag!

Here's the link to a similar bag from the same seller - I may actually be regretting that I bought the one above and not this other one! 

Let me know what you think. 

Hope you found this helpful!

If you've found a seller that has impressed you, please let me know which, so I can check it out too!