Monday, March 27, 2017

Free Attractions for Pesach (Part 2) - Yom Shvil Yisrael

April 13 this year is "The Israel Trail Day" - Yom Shvil Yisrael

The Society for the Preservation of Nature announced that several portions of the trail will be open to the public, and will have free activities on-site, including professionally-led tours.

FYI: Some parts of the Trail are always free and open to the public, others are paid-admission parks and nature reserves.

These sites will host special events on April 13.

WARNING: They Will Be Very Crowded!!

Here's the basic information. I've linked to Google Maps locations for each place:


Nachal Dan
April 12, 9am - 3pm 
(easy hike, 2 hrs long)
Meet at the Ussishkin House Museum in Kibbutz Dan

Ramat HaNadiv
April 12, 11am-4pm 
April 13, 9am - 4pm
(intermediate hike, but 6km long)
Meet at the "6 Flags" in Ramat HaNadiv.

Nachal Hadera
April 13, 9:30am - 5pm
(easy hikes, 2km)
Meet at the entrance to the "Spring Festival"

Central and Jerusalem areas:

Park HaYarkon
April 13, 9am - 3pm
(easy hike, 30min - 1hr long, accessible park)
Meet at the "Sheva Tachanot" in Park HaYarkon

April 13, 8am-12pm
(easy hike BUT 3 hrs long)
Meet at the Tank Memorial in Latrun


Ramon Crater
April 13, 9am - 3pm
(intermediate hike, 3km long)
Meet at the Information Center in Mitzpe Ramon at the Entrance to the Ramon Grove (Hurshat Ramon)

Mt. Tzfachot (Eilat Mountains)
April 13, 7am - 1pm
(intermediate hike, 3 hrs long)
Meet at the Field School

Have fun!

Don't forget to check out the other Free Attractions!

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