Friday, January 13, 2012

Some important info about plastic

I have been mulling the idea of getting plastic out of our kitchen... To that end, I've been storing foods in glass jars I save from things like honey, coffee, jams, etc.

But I still go-to plastic way more than I care to admit.

First of all, my kids eat off reusable plastic plates and bowls, and drink from reusable plastic cups.

I *have been known to* store things in plastic bags, simply for the sake of convenience. And I use plenty of plastic containers when freezing soups or soup stock, and leftovers too...

So while I was researching the safety of some of these containers, I came across this excellent article!

Read and get to know your kitchen plastics!

What about you? Are you a plastic-aholic, or are you plastic-phobic? Or somewhere in between...?


  1. I'm super plastic-phobic. The biggest hurdle is that it's expensive to build up a supply of good storage containers, esp ones suitable for the freezer. I bought about 20 of the 4-cup Pyrex rounds about 6 yrs ago when I started making/freezing chix stock. Recently I got a set of Pyrex storage containers (all with tops) at Big Deal in Israel - it was an overstock deal and I checked again to buy for a friend recently but they were out at our store. But if you keep your eyes open, there are deals here sometimes on Pryex and now there are many other companies making glass storage containers. I also love Visions cookware - it's glass and has plastic tops, so you can just store right in the pot! If I were in the States, I'd get more of that, but I haven't found it here and it's too heavy to bring in a suitcase...

  2. Oh and for plates, I have some bamboo/soy plates and cups I got recently in Israel for the kids. I'm blanking on the name of them but you'll see them around and they're holding up well, although the cups do break if dropped too many times. I have stainless steel cups as well for the kids which I guess are better, but not as comfortable to drink out of IMO - you can sometimes find them in bathroom sections - I got mine long ago in the IKEA bathroom section, but sadly they don't sell them anymore.

  3. Even if we have nice glassware and "normal" china, I tend to use more the plastic and disposable type due to the combination stone floor - children under 10 years old. The first time I pulled out my nice Shabbat plates brought from the US one big plate broke and another chipped - bye bye, nice Shabbat set! But I am looking forward to the day when I will be able to use them again ...


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