Friday, January 27, 2012

Shabbat Menu (eclectic)

Shabbat Parashat Bo, Jan 27-28, 2012

I need to use up all the odds and ends that are in the freezer. You know, when there is just a little left from some Shabbat meal and you're not sure what to do with it, and to avoid throwing out food, you wrap it up and shove it in some corner of the freezer?

Well, I want to clear out all those little packages... and a perfect Shabbat for this is one when we have no guests!

So here's the plan:

Challot (from the freezer)

Split pea with vegetable soup (using vegetable soup from the freezer) (Fri. night)

Vegetarian Cholent (lunch)

Chicken and Shnitzel from the freezer

Corn bread (made fresh)

Roasted carrots (made fresh) (got carrots for under 2 NIS/kg, so I made lots of these)

Misc. side dishes from the freezer

Tofu something or other (from the freezer)

Choc. Chip/Oatmeal Squares

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