Monday, August 6, 2012

Pantry challenge update

I just wanted to update everyone on my pantry challenge:

Today, I made a batch of whole wheat bagels, served that with peanut butter and jelly (boring I know, but we didn't have any cream cheese), found a lonely couple of beets hiding in the fridge, so those were baked and served plain, and some carrot sticks left over from last night. I also found a container of split pea soup in the freezer, that was less than enough for when all 6 of us are home, so I served it for lunch, when we're not *ALL* at home (just most)!

I'm pleased that my freezer now has one container less in it! And I didn't let the beets spoil in the fridge. Accomplishment.

Later I plan to try to make potato blintzes. My hubby likes to eat potato blintzes, but they aren't exactly my "go-to" easy food. I think I'll try it out though. And I will make that lentil chili I mentioned...

How's your pantry challenge?
Let me know what's cooking at your place!

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