Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Chagim are coming!

It's Elul, and that means a few things.

1. Time for some introspection.

2. Time to mend our ways.

3. Time to start a new "school" year.

4. Time to start thinking about the chagim.

I guess before I can really plan my menus, I must solidify my plans. Whether we'll be away at all, who is coming over when... those silly details!

But I can start planning my menus anyhow!

Are you planning yours?

So far, I have a list of things to bake (this is for all the chagim, I plan to fill up the freezer!):

Round sweet challot
Honey Cake
Banana Cake
Cornmeal and Molasses muffins
Molasses Cookies
Apple Pie

More lists coming in the next few days!

(And I will try to post recipes over the next two weeks)

I'd love to hear what you are making!

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  1. Great RH recipe for chicken:
    1 Pkg dried apple
    1 Pkg pitted prunes
    1 Pkg dried apricot
    --> Layer on bottom of baking dish

    Mix charissa with maple syrup. Pour half of mixture over dried fruits with some water.

    Layer chicken pieces (kirayim) and then pour rest of mixture over.

    Bake until Chicken is cooked.


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