Friday, August 10, 2012

Shabbat Menu Planning

Still doing a pantry challenge, and Shabbat is almost here!

So, for Shabbat, we are having freshly baked challot, and I am making some herbed-roasted chicken. Otherwise, It's time to clean out the freezer!

Hopefully there will be enough to go around. It's mostly half a pan of this and half a pan of that. I haven't actually pulled out what I'll serve yet.

I know there is noodle kugel, apple crisp, and snow peas. And banana bread. And chocolate cake.

And some "surprise" packages I had labeled but the writing is all rubbed off (oops, how did that happen?).

Might as well have a surprise (as long as none of it is milchig, it should work out ok, right?) for Shabbat!

After this, my freezer will start to have room, hopefully, for food for yom tov. I am not sure yet when exactly I will start cooking, but it will hopefully be in the next couple of weeks!

What's your plan for Shabbat? Are you also in on the pantry challenge?

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