Friday, August 10, 2012

Bank Survey

Each year,  banks in Israel are ranked by Globes.

This year's rankings came out, and I figured that now is the time to look it over and decide if a change in banks is in order.

The basics you need to know from this survey, is that overall, Bank Yahav got the best ranking, and overall, Bank Leumi got the worst ranking. But it stands out that Bank Hapoalim tied with Bank Leumi for high fees. And Bank Beinleumi scored a drop higher than Bank Yahav for professional service. And Mizrachi Tefachot and Bank Hapoalim both scored higher than the others for range of ways to contact the bank.

Overall, though, I think this means I should stay with Bank Yahav. We hardly pay any fees there, and I have access to online banking...

Are you ready to switch banks? How does your bank rank?

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