Friday, August 10, 2012

Whole Wheat Challah

I can't post a recipe for my challah. I'm so sorry about that. I have completely stopped measuring when I bake bread. I was inspired by all sorts of stories of traditional cooks who don't use measuring cups and spoons. Instead the just take a fistful or a pinch or pour what looks right...

I make whole wheat challah, and on occasion whole wheat and oatmeal challah. I tried to get rid of the eggs, and the result was fine. So I'm fine with making eggless challah, although to be honest, there are certain members of the family who noticed a textural change when I got rid of the eggs.

So now, I make a low-egg version of challah. But those of you who don't eat eggs can safely leave them out.

Here are my challot this week.
My family prefers challah that is just ever so slightly underdone.

The basic ingredients of my challah are:

2 kg whole wheat flour
ground flaxseed
vital wheat gluten
2 eggs
yeast, proofed in sugared water (just a bit of sugar) - a lot of water. I add more until the dough gets the right consistency. I find this changes with the seasons... This was one of the reasons I stopped measuring in the first place - the water content of the recipe just never seemed to be quite right. And I'm pretty good at eye-balling my measurements, I think. After all, if there ever is a time when I don't have time to bake challot and there aren't any left in the freezer, EVERYONE complains... So something must be right! (Sorry for bragging...)

Do you ever cook without measuring cups? What do you think of this old-fashioned methodology? 


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