Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pantry Challenge update

I am trying to clean out my freezer now.
I had so many things just piled up in the freezer in a big mish mash, I had no idea what most of it was!

So for today's lunch, we are having a freezer cleanout meal out. Don't worry, there's still plenty more in there to get rid of. Hopefully this will make a dent in my freezer though, and inspire me to continue emptying it.

I found some whole wheat oatmeal rolls, and some carrot muffins.
I am making some couscous right now, and I will serve a mixture of sauteed onions, peppers, and chick peas, cooked with some lentil soup from the freezer, over the couscous. (the cooked chick peas were in the freezer.)

That's a few more containers removed from the freezer! Will I ever see the back of it, though?

What kinds of goodies are hanging around your freezer?

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  1. Hot summer days are the perfect time for cleaning out the freezer!! (just working on mine now, too)


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