Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Last Minute Supper Plan!

For some reason, when it is this hot, I get the feeling that time slips past me, and dinnertime is always here before I am ready. Either that, or I delusionally believe someone else will take care of the meal-prep task FOR me.

In any case, so we are having the last minute supper crisis. The kids are outside playing and I expect them to walk in the door in a little over half an hour. They'll be hot, thirsty, and hungry.

I am still kind of low on groceries, as I went to one of the local supermarkets and discovered that vegetables have gotten outrageously expensive!

But here's the plan:

Cucumber slices
Pea Soup (not split pea soup, this soup is made with frozen peas. It's simply sauteed onion and garlic, frozen peas, vegetable stock, salt, pepper. Bring to a boil. Puree. Serve. Easy and fast!)
Pita triangles with melted cheese (I have a couple of slices of cheese left for the week. I guess I should use them up)
Cottage Cheese and grilled peaches...

That ought to do it.
Ok now I have about 1/2 an hour to pull it all together!


  1. Replies
    1. yes, grilled peaches. totally yum. i use my stovetop george foreman grill pan. works out just fine and they are seriously a hit! i just cut them in half, remove the pits, and grill them for a few minutes.

    2. So interesting - maybe I'll give it a try! Thanks!


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