Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shabbat Menu Planning

We are having guests over. Picky guests. The mother says she can't find any food her kids will eat.

On the one hand, this reality is making me a little stressed. I pride myself on making simple, but good food. My kids are picky too, but I always find SOMETHING they'll eat! So I'm feeling like I need to make some healthy, good foods that these children will eat... and who knows how they will take to whole wheat flaxseed challah? Don't get me wrong, my whole wheat flaxseed challah is delicious! But children who only eat white bread may not take to it so easily... :-(

On the other hand, my friend already warned me that her kids are extremely picky and hardly eat anything. So there is actually very little pressure to make food they will eat! So maybe I just shouldn't stress about it at all...

Here's the plan:

Whole wheat and flaxseed Challot, and rolls

Chicken in Apricot-Ginger sauce

Potato Kugel (potatoes and onions are 1.99/kg at Mega right now. I'll be buying some Friday morning, don't forget about the extra 10% off!)

Yerushalmi Kugel (the last couple of times I used this version)

Steamed Kishuim (summer squash)

Make-your-own-salad (hopefully I'll find some affordable salad veggies)

Black bean cholent (for lunch) (Did you know that my cholent comes out completely WRONG when I forget to soak the barley? I figured it wasn't a big deal, but it really was. And I know, I said no cholent in August, but my hubby was so sad about that, I will make a cholent, especially with guests!)

Chocolate Cake (I'm running low on cocoa though, so I will use less cocoa. It will be less intense, but still delish!)

Raisin-Bran Cake

Also making chummus, potato salad, and pasta salad for seudah shlishit

Fresh fruit for snacks

Ok, off to start the cooking marathon!

What are you making?

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  1. Must go to Mega tomorrow for potatoes and onions - thanks! We're out for lunch so it's just Friday Night for the two of us. Often we just have challah and egg salad with fruit for dessert.


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