Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vegan, frugal meal (yummy too)

Today's supper is still partly pantry challenge...
We are now at the stage of the pantry challenge where we buy fresh dairy and produce (and chicken for Shabbat) but not regular pantry staples!

I still had about 1.5 kg red lentils (when I use them up, we may actually go out and buy that 5 kg bag of red lentils at Osher Ad for 30 NIS! I haven't seen a better price anywhere), so I wanted to use them.

And we had plenty of whole wheat flour.

So tonight's dinner is brought to you by whole wheat flour and red lentils!

Whole wheat/oat bran/flaxseed rolls

Red lentil burgers (I cooked red lentils with sauteed onions, garlic, and green pepper, then cool them, mix with ground flaxseed, wheat bran, flour, salt, pepper, and sesame butter. form patties, and lightly pan fry in olive oil)

I have 2 tomatoes to use up, so we'll slice them to garnish the burgers

Carrot Sticks

Mashed Potatoes



  1. You don't need eggs to bind it? I have all thes ingredients - maybe I'll do this for the weekend. Thanks. I always buy lentil as they are uber-healthy and then don't reqally use them.

  2. It worked without eggs. I ended up using some flour along with the wheat bran. the flaxseed and sesame butter work as decent binders. Also red lentils, when cooked, are really mushy and soft.
    Just wet your hands when shaping the patties or they will stick to you and make a mess


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