Sunday, July 29, 2012

Anyone interested in sales?

Here's a rundown of some of the local sales I've seen advertized lately:

Sunglasses at Opticana for 99 NIS (regular price 499 NIS) and 19.90 NIS (original price 99 NIS)

Little Kids school bags (on wheels) for 29.99 (and up) at Idan 2000

Also at Idan 2000: Scientific calculator by Casio for 20 NIS, 3 spiral notebooks for 10 NIS, pack of pencils for 4.99 NIS, 10 "dafdifot" - notepads that are not bound - for 5 NIS, oil pastels for 5 NIS, printer paper for 10 NIS...

City Shop has plastic storage containers (18L size) 2/50 NIS (ok, still expensive compared to what I paid in the US, but we're not in the US anymore!)

Wurtheimer Sport has women's Puma running shoes for 99 NIS (regular price 450 NIS)

Halperin is offering 3 pairs of prescription glasses for the price of 1 (very low prescriptions only. None of us qualify!)

Super-Pharm has Dove shampoo/conditioner for 9 NIS, Life liquid soap for 8 NIS, Orbitol toothpaste for 5 NIS. Also they have a coupon in the paper for a pack of Pampers for 40 NIS, and a 5-pack of "Fresh Ones" wipes for 15 NIS.

Kfar Hasha'ashuim has 3 spiral notebooks for 15 NIS, a scientific calculator for 10 NIS, 3 gluesticks for 10 NIS, plus many items for 1 or 2 NIS.

Ace has plastic containers, 45 L size, 2 for 90 NIS, and 65 L size 2/100 NIS. and buy 2 household or decorative items, get the third for 1 NIS.

Home Center has hammocks for 60 NIS, and garden furniture sets starting at 250 NIS.

MegaHome has computer tables + student chair sets for 200 NIS, spiral notebooks, 3-packs, for 14 NIS, and 8G flash drives for 30 NIS


  1. optica Halperin has one sale on after another so do not take their sales seriously

    1. well, usually they are buy one get one free, not buy one get 2 free! but in any case, they are only valid for super low prescriptions, so they are pretty much worthless to the many of us with severe myopia...


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