Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shabbat meal planning

We are having a lot of people over this Shabbat, and I am JUST a little bit stressed out about it! Mostly happy about it, though!

Here's the plan:
Friday night:
6 adults, 5 children

Vegetable soup
Roast chicken
Peppers stuffed with rice, white beans, and sauteed vegetables
P'titim (what is called "Israeli couscous" in the USA)
Carrot Kugel
Make your own salad
Chocolate Chip Cake

Shabbat Lunch
8 adults, 5 children

oven baked "fried chicken"
vegetable-noodle kugel
apple kugel
black bean cholent
a variety of salads
Cookies (not sure yet what kind)

Seudah Shlishit
11 adults, 7 children, as it stands right now. perhaps a few more.

Casserole of some sort
tuna salad
hard boiled eggs
corn muffins
chumus, other salatim
make your own salad stuff
cakes, cookies, and more...

Also making homemade challot...

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  1. MazalTov! It looks like you are celebrating something. And good luck! It sounds delicious on 'paper'.


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