Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We eat a lot of muffins in our house when I am in the mood to bake! Sometimes it's leftover oatmeal that inspires me, or some overripe bananas. Or even apples that look a little bruised and dented.

I go back and forth between baking them in a traditional muffin tin, with paper muffin cups (I really like the If You Care unbleached ones from iherb) , and using my silicone muffin cups.

If you don't have silicone ones, you can try out these 6-Piece Bright Color Silicone Cake Cups for a really great price from FocalPrice!

6-Piece Bright Color Silicone Cake Cups


  1. I bought similar silicon cups(for a similar price) at Big Deal in Israel a few years ago. Big Deal is similar to Amazing Savings in NY. Anyway, they are certainly more frugal but it's sometimes a pain to clean--any tips for easy cleanup?

    1. I find 1) muffins release from them best if you allow them to cool first. 2) I usually soak the cups in soapy water, then just wash them out with a sponge. I often turn them inside out while washing them.
      Does that help at all?


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