Sunday, July 29, 2012

Milk Recall...?

It seems that Tara Dairies is recalling their milk from supermarket shelves. They say there was a production error. I have no idea what the error might have been.

But I do remember when we first arrived in Israel, there was a major milk shortage. It had  been a dry winter, and a hot summer, and the cows were not producing their usual quantities of milk. We had a really hard time getting milk then! (I do remember feeling like I was constantly stressed out. And not finding any milk in the stores was NOT helping.)

So watch out. I know Tara is considered a "minor player" in the dairy industry, but they are filling a need. So...

I am considering this a warning. I may just have to fill up my freezer with milk cartons, just in case (cartons freeze better than bags do, I hear, in case you are wondering why on earth I would buy the more expensive cartons). I have some powdered milk in the pantry, that I can use for cooking, but as I mentioned previously, my kids don't like drinking reconstituted powdered milk!

I know some people can go without milk and be perfectly happy. But I'm not sure my family can!


  1. For what it's worth, I freeze bags of milk all the time with no problems...

    1. Cool. I've had problems with the bags getting stretched too thin and then - all you have is mess. what's your secret?

  2. It freezes fine - the problem is when you defrost it and it leaks everywhere. Best to freeze a carton - have never not been able to find milk in all my time - I remember once after a 3 day chag it was missing for a day from one supermarket - but got it at another.


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