Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer fruit

Summer fruit is here!

And, for me, Mega is helping me buy some more of it. The other local store is just a bit too far away for me to shlep fruit home from in this heat (I'm thinking there would be fruit soup in my bag by the time I got home), and the makolet has some very buggy looking produce these days!

My family, however will be very happy when I come home on Friday with fruit from this sale (peaches, mango, plums for 5.99/kg)! And I will be happy to have saved an extra 10% for shopping on Friday. I just MUST get there early. It seems that even in my small town, a store can get crowded when they offer a blanket discount like that! (I'll probably pick up some carrots while I'm at it. But what happened to carrots for less than 1 NIS/kg? Haven't seen that in a while!)

What summer fruit are you enjoying these days?

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