Sunday, July 22, 2012

Not enough fridge space

I have been running into this problem lately. See, my landlady left her fridge in the kitchen. It's ok, but not my favorite fridge. I used to have a much larger one, which I sold with my apartment in NY when I sold that 10 years ago! (Co-op rules were that the apartment had to be sold with working appliances in the kitchen, and with all the craziness at the time I didn't think to buy a less wonderful fridge to leave there and move the big one!) But that scratched and dented Maytag fridge that I got for a song when my brother worked for Maytag was the best. And my brother repaired the dent, for free!

So ever since I had to give up that huge fridge, I had 2 fridges. When my preemie came home from the hospital, we had just moved into a townhouse. I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to get the baby into the house and the groceries too. I also had a hard time finding time and energy to run up the stairs from the garage level to the kitchen to put away the groceries in our "normal size" fridge. I convinced my husband (yes, he's awesome) to go to some appliance store one day and buy a scratch and dent model, since we were no longer close enough to my Maytag repair-person brother to get another one from him.

He bought one for a decent discount, and we put that one in the garage level of the townhouse, so I could quickly load perishables into it before the sleeping baby would wake up ready to nurse (he nursed a lot back then. I don't think I slept more than 20 min at a time!)...

We moved that second fridge around from place to place (Dallas, Fair Lawn, Atlanta, Hollywood) until we made Aliyah.

All of a sudden, I am stuck with one fridge (ok, I know, I have that huge freezer. I shouldn't complain, but...). And it's not one huge fridge. I'd say it would be fine for a family of four. But a family of six, whose children actually eat more meals at home than most (because we homeschool)?! I don't think so. Not in the summer, for sure.

I really didn't want to go buy another fridge and then have to deal with figuring out where on earth to put it, or have to pay the increased electric bill. So I've been using my cooler. Yes, the cooler we use to do the grocery shopping and get food home without spoilage. I keep switching frozen bottles of water for fresh ones, and I've been using the cooler to store fruits and vegetables. Definitely working out just fine, as long as I keep those water bottles frozen! And it doesn't increase my power bill, so I guess this is the solution to my problem!

At least for now.

(Really wishing I had stuck that second cooler on the lift instead of giving it away.)


  1. I've never understood town houses (if what you mean is the same as a town house in the UK). Why do people want their living/dining and kitchen areas one flight of stairs up from the entrance and the garden? What's the attraction?

    1. A townhouse was a MAJOR step up from an apartment. A lot more space, even a garden of our own, a driveway and garage of our own... we felt like we were living in the lap of luxury after living in a pre-war co-op in New York for several years. Sometimes I had to park over half a mile away, since I couldn't find any closer spot when we lived in that apartment! Imagine having to do that while officially on bed rest, and with a 3 yr old in tow, and you'll understand my last 6 months in that apartment...
      As far as the layout of the unit, I just took what I could get, even though it was a little annoying. We actually had a deck off of the "den" on the second floor, with stairs down to the garden, so we sort of had access to the outside right off our main level... It was a cute townhouse, but it was the wrong place for us to live, obviously!

  2. As you know I have a second fridge I picked up for free on Agora - I know it is costing me electricity to run it - but for me it suits me to make less shopping htrips....

    1. I know! I just don't think I want another older fridge, this one in the kitchen is quite old enough and not very energy efficient, I'm sure. We're making do with the cooler and ice. I think it's a creative solution! Enjoy your cold drinks!


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