Monday, July 23, 2012

Meal Plan for the week

I'm a bit late, but better late than never!

What are you eating during the Nine Days? Since we eat vegetarian food during the week, really the Nine Days are no different than any week. And you all know by now that I don't do fancy food. We're pretty practical around here, so here goes:

Sunday: cottage cheese pancakes, vegetable soup with chick peas, pasta with gevinah levanah (and garlic and oregano), cucumbers

Monday: Rice, Black bean meatballs with sweet and sour sauce, carrot muffins, make your own salad.

Tuesday: Toasted Cheese sandwiches on homemade whole wheat bread, make your own salad, red lentil soup

Wednesday: Baked ziti, steamed kishuim, melon

Thursday: Leftovers from all week

Let me know what you're making! I'd love to hear from you!


  1. You don't eat fish?
    Veggie kugel?
    I have cooked black beans, brown lentils and brown rice. I mix and add yellow cheese and heat in my microwave. I however do eat meat even during the Nine Days as I am anemic and asked my Rav. But I also eat fish. And I need to eat a high protein diet.
    Good recipe ideas are always needed fun and interesting.

    1. we don't eat much fish at all. good fish is expensive. cheap fish is pumped full of chemicals, so we just opt out of fish most of the time! I have made casseroles like what you described. Try adding salsa (homemade) to it to give it something extra!
      My kids are boring eaters, and complain when too many foods are mixed together...

  2. One of the staples this week has been "orange" or root soup (pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, kohlrabi, sweet potatoes and onions).
    I made a big pot of it for Friday night and the kids have have been eating the leftovers every day.

  3. We also have cheese pancakes a lot. Burekas served with a mushroom or tomato sauce is quick (unless you make the burekas yourself). Mashed potato and cheese pie is a favourite here. Tuna and mayonaise on toast is very simple and we love it.


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