Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shabbat menu planning

This week we managed to get lots of affordable fruit. So don't be surprised that my menu highlights fruit! Perfect for summertime, right?

We'll be having:

Homemade Challah

Melon and Peach Soup (served and cold) - kind of winging this one. Seems like melons and peaches in the food processor with a bit of lemon juice, garnished with mint?

Apple kugel (apples are 4.50/kg at mega on Friday - for info, see this) (making lots of these for the freezer)
Slice 6 apples thinly (easiest in a food processor), pack them into your favorite kugel pan. Combine 1 c. flour, 1/2 c. oil, 1/2 c. sugar, and 3 eggs. Pour this mixture over the apples, and bake, till golden at about 190 C. I have tried making this with flaxseed in place of the eggs, but it didn't come out right! I don't know. maybe I will try again, as I am almost out of eggs...

Vegetable-noodle kugel (making extra for the freezer)

Beets (cooked, sliced. served perfectly plain as my children prefer)

Chicken marinated in Honey-ginger-soy sauce (wish I had a grill for cooking this. THAT would be But we'll just make do with the oven!)

Make your own salad: options will include tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted peppers, chick peas, avocado...

Watermelon and chocolate chip cake for dessert

Seudah shlishit will be PB&J, vegetable sticks (cucumbers, carrots, celery) with hummus to dip, and fruit! And I'll try to remember to pop some popcorn for when certain people get the munchies...


  1. Next time you see a grill pan on sale-you should get it. I think its one of my best investments, hamburgers, turkey burgers, hot dogs, chicken cutlets, even fish or tuna patties and vegetables. Its great for all year round grilling!

    1. I have one but i am afraid of it. i think it may be teflon-coated! i must find a higher quality one...

  2. I'm entertaining for the first itme in months (over a year actually) for Shabbat lunch. Vegetarian and making it up as I go along. So far I've made a Potato-vegetable kugel (with shamenet in it because I can) and roast vegetables (except I forgot to put in the sweet potato) in a light soy dressing. Not sure what will come next.

    1. Sounds great! Enjoy your guests, and let me know what you ended up making!


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