Sunday, April 1, 2012

Reminder: Free Activities on Pesach!

Taking a family on a fun outing can be very expensive. That's why we focus either on tiyulim that are free for everyone or national parks we can get into with our park membership.

But on Chol Hamoed Pesach, there will be plenty of fun things to do that usually cost between a small fortune and a large fortune. But they will be free (thanks to Bank Hapoalim)!

There are 45 places all over the country: Click here for the full list (in Hebrew) or dial *2412 for more information.

Here's a partial list of attractions:

Museum at Lochamei Hagetaot
The "Even HaGalil" Festival in Maalot
Yaar Hayalim
Museum of Antiquities in the Golan
Park Qatzrin
Gan Guru/Gan Hashlosha
Willifred Museum
Haifa Zoo
Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art
Haifa Museum of Israeli Art
National Maritime Museum - Haifa
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Guttman Museum - Tel Aviv
Herzeliya Museum of Modern Art
Petach Tikvah Museum of Art
Latrun (Yad LaShiryon)
Bible Lands Museum
Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
Museum of the Old Yishuv Courtyard
Air Force Museum
and more

Many, many free places get very full very early. We went to Gan Guru last year and it was PACKED. We still had fun, but prepare for crowds.

We also went to Derech Ha'etz. It is less exciting, so less crowded. But still, there were plenty of people there.

Park Katzrin, in the Golan, was less crowded.

I heard that some of the museums reached full capacity early and shut their doors...

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