Friday, April 6, 2012

Homemade Cashew Butter

Several years when we lived in the US, I was able to purchase Kosher L'Pesach Cashew Butter. It was a splurge. But worth it, especially when I was still completely vegetarian.

My son is a vegetarian and I know he needs more protein now that he's 13 and growing like crazy. He has a fake peanut allergy, but he's willing to eat cashew butter.

I searched high and low, and could not find any Kosher l'Pesach cashew butter in Israel! (Well, I didn't really leave the North...)

Then my friend mentioned she was making her own almond butter for Pesach. After a little consultation, I decided to give homemade cashew butter a try!

I used 1 bag of roasted cashews and added a bit of oil during the processing...

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