Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Fridge Replacement Program

If you have an old, energy-guzzling refrigerator, you are in luck! The government announced on Tuesday that they will continue to subsidize the purchase of a new, energy efficient refrigerator for 10s of thousands more Israelis. The cost of your brand new fridge, if you purchase from the listed models, will be 30% off the list price. (This is a trade-in program. You must relinquish your old refrigerator to get the discount.)

The list of participating stores is available by clicking on the text that appears at the bottom of the "mini-site" רשימת החנויות המשתתפות במבצע 
In the Haifa area, for example, more than 15 stores are on the list.

The subsidized price will include a refrigerator with a full 3 year warranty, delivery, removal of, and disposal of, your old refrigerator.

Here are the available models and their respective prices. My one question is, why are they all rated "B" for energy efficiency? Are there no fridges sold here with an "A" rating?

     Brand          Model #     Capacity (L)      Price in NIS         Daily Energy Usage         Efficiency Rating

​חברה ​דגם ​נפח כללי (ליטרים) ​מחיר לצרכן בשקלים ​צריכת חשמל ליממה (קוט"ש) ​דירוג אנרגטי
LG​ GRB528​ 356​ ​1806 ​1.42 B​
HITACHI​ ​RZ470ERS9 ​398 ​1949.5 ​1.48 ​B
SAMSUNG​ ​RT45HSSW ​352 ​1953 1.25​ ​B
SAMSUNG​ ​RT59 465​ 2233​ 1.65​ B​
​BEKO ​DN156720 ​505 2415​ 1.64​ ​B
​LG GM749​ 511​ ​2940 1.62​ B​
​LG ​GM829 601​ 4700​ 1.80​ B​
​LG ​GRB238JTA ​581 ​5940 ​1.64 ​B


  1. Regarding the A and B energy efficiency - that is exactly what I was wondering too...Intending to replace my 1983 Amcor Fridge which still works well:)

    1. Good luck! I hope you find another one that will last that long!
      As far as the ratings go, I did a bit of research and it seems that there are only a few models with an A rating for tropical climates. For the most part, they are far too expensive to buy in Israel. I have a freezer that I brought on my lift, rated for tropical climates, with an A rating, and apparently that same manufacturer (westinghouse) sells a fridge that is A rated for tropical climates, even here in Israel. Other than those select, and expensive models, even fridges that are rated A in Europe, are only rated B here because of climate issues...


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