Sunday, April 29, 2012

Breakfast Cereal

Ynet compared the price of cereal across 3 supermarket chains - Rami Levy, Mega, and Shufersal

מחירי דגני בוקר

  יצרן מחיר ברמי לוי מחיר במגה מחיר בשופרסל הפרש בין המחיר הגבוה לנמוך
קלוגס פרוסטיס 750 גרם קלוגס 23.75 24.49 12.5 96%
פיטנס דגני בוקר אגוזי לוז 375 גרם פיטנס 20.6 21.89 12.5 75%
ספיישל K פירות אדומים דגני בוקר 300 גרם קלוגס 22 17.99 26.79 49%
דגני בוקר סיני מיניס נסטלה 20.6 27.99 26.99 36%
קלוגס אול בראן פלקס 500 גרם קלוגס 23.49 31.49 29.29 34%
האני נאט צ'יריוס 615 גרם נסטלה 20.6 26.99 25.99 31%
דגנים כריות 750 גרם תלמה 24.8 31.99 26.49 29%
צ'יריוז דגני שיבולת שועל נסטלה 17.9 22.99 20.79 28%
קראנץ' דגני בוקר לילדים 500 גרם נסטלה 19.4 19.99 24.79 28%
דגני ילדים קראנץ' רולס 450 גרם נסטלה 19.4 19.99 24.79 28%
קורנפלקס 750 גרם תלמה 16.49 19.99 17.9 21%
קלוגס קורנפלקס 750 גרם קלוגס 18.49 21.99 19.39 19%
כריות מצופות במילוי נוגט 700 גרם תלמה 25.3 29.49 29.99 19%
פיטנס דגני בוקר שקדים ודבש 625 גרם פיטנס 24.3 25.9 26.89 11%
פיטנס דגני בוקר 625 גרם קלוגס 24.3 25.9 26.89 11%

 To be honest, I really don't buy any of these cereals. What this price comparison told me is: Cereal is completely overpriced. People, let's all find a way to enjoy breakfast without buying these amazingly overpriced cereals! Not only do you get less-than-stellar brands, like Kellogs (I'm thinking about their reputation for using GMOs, too much sugar, preservatives, fillers, etc), but you get to pay more per box than I EVER used to pay for healthy, organic cereals!

Let's boycott cereal. For a whole month. I know, those mornings are tough enough. But here are some suggestions: Bake up a huge batch of muffins, enough for a week, and freeze whatever you won't use in the next 24 hrs. Take out muffins for breakfast before you go to sleep at night. Or make oatmeal. You can make oatmeal in your crock pot, and it WILL taste good (2 cups rolled oats + 4.5 - 5 c. water, try it. you can even add dried fruit or some coconut or almond milk to make it a bit different)! It will even keep your kids feeling full for longer than that bowl of cereal ever did. Or serve toast. Or fruit and a hardboiled egg. ANYTHING goes, just not cereal!

Can you tell I am getting fed up with the way we are being constantly overcharged?

Are you in?


  1. Absolutely! My husband was an avid cereal eater up until 2 months ago when he decided that there's WAY too much sugar and junk in these commercial products, not to mention the exorbitant prices. So I've started preparing him homemade instant oatmeal-we decide exactly what goes into it and how much so it's healthier, it costs less and takes no more time than cereal to prepare.


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