Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thank Goodness for Toaster Ovens

Toaster ovens. They have proven their worth to me time and time again.

We have shlepped them on road trips across the U.S., allowing us to have a hot meal in our hotel room (shh! I know, it was probably against the rules, but then again so is squeezing 6 pple into one hotel room) at the end of a day of traveling and sightseeing. Once, we made a road trip with only a cooler. Bagels and cream cheese got OLD fast. After that, we wizened up and broadened our road trip menus tremendously...

Then, we made Aliyah. No more 2 week road trips (where would you go, driving for 2 weeks in this tiny country?!)! But we got a toaster oven anyway. We bought one large enough to accomodate a lasagna pan. It has become my milchig oven. It heats up quickly, it has a convection bake feature, so it's pretty efficient at baking, and it sits in my kitchen (unfortunately my big oven is in my laundry room), making it THE MOST used small appliance in the kitchen.

Today, if not for the toaster oven, I probably would have just told the kids to have a junk party for supper! The kitchen is in the process of being kashered, so the oven can't be used. The stove can't be used. The fridge is nearly empty...

But I found a package of malawach still in the freezer, some fresh tomatoes, some olives in the fridge that needed to be finished, an open mango juice, and a container of yogurt.


Malawach (Baked 2 at a time in the toaster oven)

Fresh Tomatoes

Black & Green Olives

Mango-Yogurt smoothies

Phew. Supper was saved by the toaster oven! Thank you, toaster oven!

I know, I said 2 at a time and there is only 1 malawach in there. It was a package of 7...

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