Sunday, April 15, 2012


I thought I would wake up this a.m. ready to get some serious chametz cooking and baking underway! Instead, I woke up with serious cooking burnout. How did that happen?

In any case, right now we are whipping up some chametz food for lunch, and maybe I will find some energy to bake bagels or rolls or something for supper...

Here's what we're having:

Spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese
Make your-own-salad
All the leftover desserts from Pesach. They are still yummy, even if Pesachdik!

Is your kitchen back to normal? Are you cooking today - or taking a day off (WISH I could do that!)?


  1. My husband usually puts the Pesach kitchen together and then takes it apart. (I just wash dishes, while he dries and repacks it all.) We did the washing and repacking, but my counters are still covered with foil. I'm hopefully he'll be able to unfoil it all tonight, as I'd rather concentrate on laundry and general mess! That's my story, anyway... ;)

    As for cooking, I made simple lunch (pasta), and for dinner, I'm hoping we'll have take out. Not very frugal, but I have work to do and if I have to cook AND unfoil, I won't have enough time!

  2. We have no chametz in the house. Nothing to bake with and nothing to boil up. We need someone to go shopping but someone isn't offering.


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