Sunday, April 15, 2012

Post Pesach Pantry Stock Up!

My pantry is embarrassingly empty.

I must go shopping.

The things I like to buy are SO expensive at the health food store.

If I go to the health food store, I will overspend my budget for SURE...

Enter Vitacost.

In a price comparison, Vitacost came out over 20% less expensive than Whole Foods. (And WF seems positively affordable compared to health food stores in Israel!)

So - whatever country you are in, order some of your staples from Vitacost - it will save you money!

If you've never tried Vitacost, click here to sign up for a $10 coupon toward your first order. Shipping in the US is VERY affordable (Free or $4.99 /$9.99 to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico). International Shipping starts at $10.99 - which is still in the "reasonable" range. (For orders over 3lbs, that rate goes up quickly, just be aware)

Another great option for ordering online is iHerb. They offer reasonable prices on tens of thousands of natural items, including food staples as well. You can get $5 off your first order by using code QEJ101 at checkout.
Shipping in the US is $6 or Free for orders over $40. International shipping is approx $6. Right now there are specials thru the end of April, offering free US shipping for orders over $20, and free international shipping for orders over $40.

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