Thursday, August 18, 2016

Stock up Time!

It's time to stock up on sunscreens from iHerb! ALL sunscreens - even the ones that "never" go on sale, are 15% right now!

Also, time to stock up on TEA! My favorite Stash brand teas are ALL 20% off right now!

And maybe some of YOUR favorites are on sale too - be sure to check out the weekly sales!

Click to shop at iherb! $5 off for first time customers!
Click to shop at iHerb ($5 off for first time customers when you use this link!

iHerb has recently gotten rid of flat rate shipping to Israel. This means if you place a really small order, you might just pay $2 or so to ship it. I believe if you place a large order (max 4 lbs), it will cost somewhere in the $10 range. IF your order totalls $40 or more, you'll get a super low rate (mine was under $4 to ship!) !!

If you're curious what I buy from iHerb, I've written all about it, be sure to check it out! (See "What do I order from iHerb?")

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  1. I found it really difficult to find enough products to hit the $40 but still stay under 4 lbs. It took me days to find the right combination!!! But I got my order in one week, that was really great!


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