Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Expanded Food Recall!

The smoked salmon recall from last week has been expanded.

The following items have been added to the recall list:

Smoked Salmon, Maadanei Miki brand, any size package with the dates listed below.

Production Dates:                 Expiration Dates

03/07/2016                              27/02/2017

05/07/2016                              01/03/2017

07/07/2016                             03/03/2017

14/07/2016                              10/03/2017

02/08/2016                              29/03/2017

04/87/2016                             31/03/2017

Anyone who has purchased these products is instructed not to consume them.

Please contact Maadanei Miki's customer service to arrange your return. They can be reached at services@mikideli.co.il or 1-700-505-540 0r 03-961-6283

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