Friday, August 12, 2016


Milotal Frozen Vegetables announced a recall of the following items, due to listeria contamination:

French Fries, Family Size, Mehadrin, 2 kg packages - with a use by date of 25/07/17

"Chipsim" Frozen French Fried Potatoes, 2.5 kg, with a use by date of 27/07/17

American style French Fries,  2.5 kg, with a use by date of 26/07/17

"Chipsim" Frozen French Fried Potatoes, 800 g, with a use by date of 28/07/17

Consumers are advised that when these products are prepared according to package instructions, there is no danger, as the bacteria will be destroyed.

For safety purposes, the products are being recalled. Consumers who have purchased these products can return them to the store where purchased for a refund, or call customer service at 04-9859325 with questions. 

There have been a lot of recalls this week! If you missed the others, check them out here!

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