Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Discount Glasses PLUS Exclusive Extra Savings!

Home Care Optical came into being a little over a year ago. Originally, the owner planned to provide a service for the elderly/homebound population, but he quickly realized that many others also prefer the convenience of an at-home service with flexible hours.

The frames offered are high quality frames, with name brands such as Beverly Hills Polo Club, Tommy Hilfiger, and Lupo but without "name brand prices" The price range for frames is 200-450₪. 

The lenses provided by Home Care Optical are high quality lenses, made by one of the largest lens manufacturers in Israel. Pricing starts at 150₪ for a pair of lenses, but varies according to prescription and special qualities. The more expensive an item would be in a traditional optical store, the larger the savings will be!  (For example, thin lenses with a high index can be 500-600 per lens normally, but at Home Care Optical the cost would be 500-600 for the pair. The greatest savings are for multifocal lenses which typically start at 2,500 for the lenses, but start at 1,300 at Home Care Optical!)

Eye exams for prescriptions are available as well, using a device that works with a smartphone app. The app runs an interactive test that takes about 3 minutes, and accuarcy is ensured using another device. The exam is free with the purchase of glasses, otherwise the cost is 75₪.

HCO serves the following areas: Jerusalem, Mercaz, Sharon, Binyamin, Shomron, Gush Dan,  Modiiin/beit Shemesh (from Jerusalem to Netanya). Individuals in other communities can organize a sale at their home for a group of people. 

Save 10% on the purchase of your new glasses when you mention KOSHERFRUGAL.COM !
Discount valid thru September 3, 2016

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Shauli Zacks, at 052-470-2041

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