Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer Shabbat Menu!

This week we have a few guests coming over, and it's supposed to be "above average temperatures" here, so I guess that means super hot instead of hot! And I am not really in the mood for cooking, so I'll just put everyone on vegetable chopping duty and keep the house relatively cool (I'll cook things like hard boiled eggs, potatoes, beans, and quinoa late Thursday night so we won't have to warm the house too much during the day! But I really like to do the Challah on Friday, so I may still do that.).

So here's my summer Shabbat menu for this week:

Homemade Spelt and Oat Bran Challah

Salads - tomato-basil salad, carrot salad, kohlrabi salad, classic American garden salad, potato salad, quinoa salad, maybe a black bean salad...

Chicken - oven fried chicken, which can be served hot or cold

I don't think it's kugel weather, unless I can think of one that can be served cold.

There may be a need to make cholent, since certain people in my house think that's needed year round. If they insist upon it, I'll put a Black Bean Cholent in the slow cooker!

Hopefully we'll pick up some watermelon for dessert!

Seudah Shlishit will be more challah (or rolls), leftover salads, and egg salad and other spreads

*lots of the veggies mentioned above were purchased for 2-4 shekels/kg. If you look hard enough, you CAN find them!

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