Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Another Food Recall!

Sugat is recalling the following products, due to an unspecified problem with them that is causing the packages to appear bloated:

"Couscous with Vegetables" from the Meal in A Minute line of products, with the following production codes and expiration dates:

Production Code:               Expiration Date

16.123                                     2.1.17
16.129                                     8.1.17
16.138                                    17.1.17
16.139                                    18.1.17
16.158                                     6.2.17
16.159                                     7.2.17
16.161                                     9.2.17
16.175                                     23.2.17

Consumers are asked NOT to eat this product. Please call customer service at 1-700-550-222 to receive a replacement product.

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