Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Suburban Harvest

I'm in the middle of this (mostly) pantry challenge week, and what I love most about it is that we are managing just fine. Which means my house was better stocked than I had realized.
(Well, we did buy some bananas and 1 kg of carrots)

So we are getting closer to the end of the week, and I KNOW that I have to pick up a few things on Friday. But I'm really loving not having my bank account depleted. And that got me thinking more about harvesting...

So I was out walking...


I came across a couple of large bushes with fruit on them that look like not yet ripe raspberries. Do raspberries grow around here? I'd love to take the kids to pick some when they ripen, if they ARE really raspberries!

And as my girls and I walked home from their dance and gymnastics classes, we happened upon a crate of red peppers in a driveway (remember the people who just put "spare" produce in their driveway? They've been putting stuff out in smaller quantities, and with less frequency, so I think they are trying to rein in their overbuying.)... I took a whole bunch, as I know that stuff just rots there if I don't! So now we have lots of red peppers! (They look like "sug bet" peppers, but I really am not picky about that!)


And lastly, as we walked up our walkway, I remembered our almond tree. I'm wondering how we can tell if our almonds are the sweet kind, and when they are usually harvested. And how we would know when to harvest them?


  1. Top picture: looks like an etz tut, which is mulberry I think

  2. That is what other people are telling me too! thank you.

  3. It is an etz tut, but I believe it is called a boysenberry.

  4. The local nursery I use told me those berries are mulberries. They come in both white and red forms. I found out later that they are filled with a tiny worm like bug so be careful.

    Actually, you can squeeze them to make a very tasty juice (sans worms).


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