Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekly Menu Plan

Here's a menu plan for us for the week, using the foods we have in the house.

My children are in a very big "we love cheese" stage, so I'm trying to see how far I can stretch the cheese I bought for the week - just how many meals can we make with a limited amount of cheese?!
I plan to shop again only at the very end of the week... And if all goes well, I hope to cut the grocery spending ANOTHER 10-15 shekels. Wish me luck.

Lunch - Green vegetable soup, sandwiches, cucumbers
Supper - Red lentil soup, pasta with tomato sauce and cheese, freshly picked shesek (loquats)!

Lunch - Cheesy baked potatoes, red lentil soup, carrot sticks, tomato slices
Supper - Shabbat leftovers

Tuesday is Yom Ha'atzmaut so we may not wake everyone up quite as early as usual...
Brunch - Pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese, fruit salad, oat bran-honey muffins
Supper - homemade felafel, home-fried potatoes, roasted kohlrabi

Lunch - Sandwiches (on homemade bread), make-your-own-salad
Supper - Tomato soup, Cheesy baked potatoes (yes, I plan to make extra on Monday), carrots and cucumbers

Lunch - Red lentil soup, Cottage Cheese or Leben pancakes, whatever vegetables are left!
Supper - homemade pizza and whatever else we find!

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