Thursday, April 25, 2013

Food Recall (Israel)

I feel like Misrad HaBriyut has awoken from a long slumber.

Olive oil, eggs... now a food recall.

Here's what's being recalled, due to possible listeria contamination:

Of Tov Smoked Turkey Pastrami (Glatt) - barcode 155821

Of Tov Hungarian Peppered Salami (300g container) - barcode 152141

Of Tov Turkey Breast Salami (Glatt) (300g container) - barcode 155838

The affected products have a production date of 23.04.13, and an expiration date of 29.7.13

Consumers are warned NOT to eat these products.

Please call Of Tov's customer service hotline to arrange a refund: 1-700-500-775

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