Tuesday, April 30, 2013


In order to get through the week, we really needed to buy some more fruits and vegetables! 

Here's what we were able to get without breaking the bank:

Potatoes - 1.89/kg
Onions - 1.89/kg
Carrots - 1.99/kg
Kohlrabi - 1.99/kg
Lettuce - 1.99/head
Cucumbers- 1.99/kg
Tomatoes - 1.99/kg
Watermelon - 2.99/kg

Then we added in a few other, slightly pricier items that we really like, and found for a decent price today:

Artichokes - 4.99/kg
Bananas - 4.99/kg
Kishuim (summer squash) - 5.99/kg
Cherry tomatoes - 2 pints/10 shekels
Garlic - 2 pkgs/12 shekels (about 8 bulbs)

I thought I had taken a picture before it was all put away, but someone had messed with the memory card. Sorry 'bought that!

Then, we bought a few other things to keep us going - pasta, granola (could not be bothered to make my own this week), sugar (cutting back but still using sugar in baked goods), 1 kg peanut butter, milk...

And we've spent less than 250 shekels this week!
Just need to buy fresh chicken for Shabbat, otherwise I think we are all set!
(But chances are, on Friday I'll pick up a few things for 10% off the already-sale price at mega. They actually have a few decent sales right now.)

And I have this cute reusable bag from iHerb to bring it all home in! It just arrived today (a freebie with my order)!

I'm curious what my total grocery bills for the month have been - I feel like it's less than usual. I usually tally it up on the 9th... Here's hoping we've saved some!

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