Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New price for price controlled bread

According to an article I just read, the new Finance Minister has lowered the price of price controlled bread, effective immediately.
picture from Ynet

Here are the new prices:

Lechem Achid or White Bread, 750g - 5.07 (was 5.29)
Challah (or Maafah Shmarim), 550g - 5.53 (was 5.77)
Sliced Lechem Achid, 750g - 7.60 (was 7.93)
Sliced White bread - 500g - 6.76 (was 7.05)


  1. According to this article, it's the Minister of Trade, not Finance, who made the decision.

  2. If you want to give your family healthy bread - i.e. wholewheat or wholegrain, it is not subsidized. Why do they subsidize only the least healthy option? It's like in hospitals when they feed you white bread and sugary jam with sugary pudding-yogurts. It costs more in the end in health care. #makesmemad


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