Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Great Resource!

In New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida, I participated in some (great) local Freecycling groups. They were such a wonderful resource. I would post things I wanted to give away, and people would come haul my unwanted stuff off, and when other people posted things I wanted, I was often lucky enough to be the recipient of someone else's cast-offs. Not always, mind you. I never managed to be the first to claim the coveted Thomas the Tank Engine wooden train set, or the set of random Legos. Those were rare giveaways. Most often, I got books, kids' clothing, and the occasional toy. I gave away books, clothing, shoes, unwanted mattresses, housewares I was ready to part with... It was a great way to gift my stuff to someone else, and sometimes receive gifts from others, all completely FREE.

Here in Israel, we have a similar resource, called Agora. People post things they want to give away, and anyone can call to inquire if it's still available and arrange a pick up.

Here are some random things I saw posted today on Agora, in the North: TVs, phones, TV stands, pots, charoset, sofa beds, table and chairs, pets (?!), backpacks, babyfood...
Yes, you saw right, someone offered their charoset!!

So, next time you need something, check out Agora. You can search for items being given away in just your region, or even just your city/town.

You just never know when someone else's "trash" will become your treasure!

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